John Cena Shares Emotional Moment With Boston Crowd After Raw Supershow

WWE posted the following video of John Cena commenting on his brother's health after Monday's Raw Supershow on their official YouTube channel. You can watch it embedded below:

  • Matt

    I've got nothing but respect for John Cena and thank God his brother is doing better.

  • Da KiDD

    That's awesome! I love when wrestlers share real moments with the crowd

  • Doug

    Good for Cena! Love him or hate him, you HAVE to root for him here. We all have been touched by cancer in one way or another. Prayers to him and his broski.

  • christopher525

    Not a fan of the gimmick of Cena's, but that was pretty cool of him, glad his brother is doing better.

  • kbunyon

    I have to say I'm completely disgusted!

    This was after RAW was over, after Cena spent a few moments with his family ringside. Did you not see his father in tears?

    Cena was not using his brother's health to get any 'vote', he was sharing something touching and personal with his hometown.

    People continue to shock me in their nastiness toward other human beings. How can you be so cruel? To wish anyone, ever, to get cancer is just revolting, inhumane! I don't even wish my abusive ex-husband ill will. That's just wrong!


    • CaliburUK

      I wouldn’t take him too serious Ken, as much as I hate to brand people in this way he seems like either an immature Rock mark who is yet to learn the meaning of the word kayfabe, or he’s a troll. That being said I don’t condone what he said one bit, it’s a disgusting attitude to have about any person, let alone a professional who puts his body and life on the line night after night to entertain people who enjoy that escape, I refuse to take it to heart though for the reasons I said above

    • Jennie Smith

      Dear John, God bless your brother been there. helps to have thoughts and prayers even if you don't know us personally. Dad looks good. Keep up the good show

  • Lin

    First of all. He found out that his brother had cancer in November, he could of said something then, did he? No, he only shared the news when he found out the tumor was shrinking and he was getting better.

    And wishing someone to get cancer? What the heck is wrong with you?

    I don't understand people who can't separate the character from the actual person.

    I don't care much for his character, it's to cartoony, but I respect him as a person, he has done so much for Make a Wish foundation, all his appearances and then has someone like you belittle him for sharing such personal news?

    if this had been any other person BUT Cena, this trash talk wouldn't occur.

    Jesus freaking Christ! He didn't do it get more fans, this was after Raw had gone off the air and it was something that he felt he wanted to share.

    Okay, rant over…

  • Craig

    You’re a complete idiot

  • Paul C

    Aduha dx, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and see if you truly like what is looking back.

  • Jennie Smith

    If you don't like it get of.f. John Cena didn't have to share this part of his life Thank God he love his fans enough to share this I for one do like this about him shows just how human and lovable he is Bless his bro and family

  • You sir at a immature jerk first of all you keep saying cousin it is not his cousin it is his youngest brother! He is not advertising it to gain a vote this was AFTER RAW WENT OFF AIR! before his dark match. His brother really did have cancer as stated by his other brother Matt he was just sharing with his hometown crowd that his brother is doing good. He isn't doing it to gain votes he is doing it to share his feelings what is going on with his life with the crowd did you see his father at ringside he was in tears. Just because you hate Cena doesn't give you a chance to dump on him when he is being serious and sharing info with the crowd. So GROW UP

  • For those interrested it was his brother Sean that had the cancer Sean is the youngest of the Cena bunch i believe

  • Bryan

    I actually had cancer myself, back in 2007…I wont say what kind because its a personal subject that only my family and friends know about. I had surgery and 4 months of chemo and thank the lord that I am fine now. I wouldnt wish it on anybody, not even my worst enemy. Aduha, you are a real class act. I cant even fathom why you would say something like that, I can only hope you are trolling because if you are being serious…you are a sick individual. Nobody ever said you had to like John Cena's character, but if you take away his character, hes a normal person…just like each of us that post here. And I think hes a damn good person too. And I know John probably wont read this himself, but I am sincerely glad your brother is doing good.

  • Aaron

    Who agress with me when i say Aduha dx's needs to be deleted? Please delete his comment site owner.

  • j8duong

    I recently lost my little sister to a brain tumor so I know how hard it is for John and his family but to hear that it shrank is great news! I only hope that it shrinks permanently and that his brother doesn't suffer a relapse. Prayers to the Cena family.

  • Yanman

    Cena’s Merchandise = Hot Garbage. In all seriousness I’m glad Cena’s brother is doing better. Cancer is a bitch and hopefully a cure can be found in our lifetimes. Cena in real life is a cool ass dude. Met him years ago out in the Bay Area, CA. I wanna say ’04 or ’05 (don’t remember, it was before Cena’s rap album came out though) met him Matt Hardy & Funaki at Rasputins record store. All cool dudes, we kicked it and talked a good 15.

  • WNW Fan

    Can't believe this site actually posted Aduha dx's comment. Some things are better left off the internet. Paying member or not.