John Cena, Steve Austin, HBK & Triple H To Take Part In Groundbreaking WWE Announcement

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John Cena, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Triple H are scheduled to take part in what is being termed a "groundbreaking announcement" by Vince McMahon and WWE at the Encore Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday, January 8, 2014.

As we reported earlier this month, speculation suggests the announcement will have something to do with the WWE Network. However, we are unable to confirm any further details at this time.

  • smark calloway

    it can only be one thing. the one thing that will change the course of the wwe forever. the one thing that will bring the viewers back and make wwe a household name again . and that thing is the return of the man , the myth …THE.. Mike Adamle !!! heard it here first !!!

    • Nostaljack

      No, silly. It’s the signing of Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer!

      • smark calloway

        best promo man in the biz

        • Nostaljack

          I see you, too, know what it is to turn the tables in a wrong way!

      • AlphaMale

        They can’t afford him

    • smark calloway

      soon millions of the wwe universe will be shouting in unison with adamle ” jeff harvey , jeff harvey “

      • Nostaljack


  • josh

    I’d assume WWE Network


    I highly doubt that Mike Adamle would come back because he’s a screw up big time!

    • smark calloway

      erm.. it was a joke ..i was messing around . i thought that was quite obvious..but obviously not to some folks

      • Mysterious

        It’s still real to me damn it!

    • Nostaljack

      Oh yee of little faith. He was worshipped and adored by the WWE audience. Scoring his return would be the coup of the century.

  • IWC

    It really pisses me off that CM Punk & Daniel Bryan aren’t involved in this. Vince doesn’t know what he’s doing!

    • Mysterion

      This stopped being funny months ago man. C’mon dude give it up.

    • Rus

      Yeh that was one of your poorest trollings ever

  • It’s either the WWE Hall of Fame building or The WWE Network. One or the other. though they may surprise us and announce both.

    • Mike McCarthy

      Knowing WWE, if they were going to do both then they’d have two groundbreaking announcements!!

    • Mike McCarthy

      Knowing WWE, if they were going to do both then they’d have two groundbreaking announcements!!

  • Groundbreaking Announcement

    “Wrestling isn’t real!”

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      “Wrestling is REAL . . .People are fake.”

      • The Shape #2

        Ken Anderson

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    It’s actually the Scooby Doo film!

  • Mike McCarthy

    The Groundbreaking Announcement is that AJ Lee will defend the Divas Championship against a returning Harvey Whippleman in drag.

  • Dustyn

    I’m sure it’s not, but I wonder if it has anything to do with WWE opening something in Las Vegas. My guess though would be the WWE Network.

    And on a side note, the Universal Studios Orlando announcement that was announced yesterday is just the renovation/relocating of current tenants, and the addition of new ones. No WWE related news.

  • Rus

    Why is Stone Cold going to be there???

    • Razmos

      Because the WWE network will provide classic shows of RAW which is where the attitude era evolved, either that or its to announce HBK vs D-Bry, HHH vs Cena and SCSA vs CM Punk at mania 🙂