John Cena Still Kicking Off The Daytona 500 Today

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Despite having to be a Raw Supershow tonight in Portland, Oregon, John Cena will still wave the honorary green starter flag at the Daytona 500 today, TMZ has confirmed. The race was rained out yesterday and will start today at noon.

After Cena completes the appearance in Daytona, he'll fly directly to Portland for tonight's Raw Supershow.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending us the TMZ link.

  • Jessie Skys

    Cens should stay with wreslting.

    • Matt Scott

      He's not leaving WWE to join Nascar! Bloody hell!

  • Matt Scott

    Not anymore. He's just confirmed it on Twitter.

    • craig

      Wont start to 7, Cena needs to get on a plane to Portland. Anther angle wwe doesn't finish up on 🙂

    • I think they may go with Punk till WM. I don’t think Cena-Rock is going to be for the Belt. I’d guess Cena gets a match with Punk and Rock will cost him the belt. And Punk will take on the RR winner. Hopefully Henry will keep the Belt till Mania and they could do a larely cool David vs. Goliath with he and Bryan with the build up they’ve already done. You could have Bryan come up short but still have a pretty dramatic star making match if Bryan as underdog comes within a hair of cashing in.