John Cena Sued For $15,000 is reporting that John Cena is being sued for $15,000 by a construction worker that claims they were injured while working to remodel his Florida home in 2010.

The worker, identified as Dale Ducharme, alleges the scaffolding provided by Cena was defective or damaged and it was Cena's responsibility to ensure the equipment was safe.  Cena's wife at the time, Elizabeth Huberdeau, is not named in the suit.

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  • Scott Davies

    But he is a builder. He is suppose to have his own.

    • Steve pritchard

      Thats what im saying! Ive been doing construction work just like this for nearly 20 years. I have never relied on a homeowner to provide me any equipment. There have been times the homeowner may have had to rent some equipment i didnt have. But it was my responsibility to ensure what im working with is safe. Thats what professionals do. This is bs . This guy makes honest workers like myself look bad !

      • I agree with you all. I do a lot of work myself around my house but when I hire someone, I make them use their own ladders, tools and equipment. I don’t mind loaning a drill or hammer but it’s up to them to ensure they’re safe.

        • Guest 082

          I think that’s the reason they’re called “contractors”. You contract them to do your work that you can’t or are unable to do. They should worry about the safety. If you were doing it yourself, I am sure you’d worry about it yourself, as well. Guy is full of BS.

  • Ricky

    Sounds like a lame plan to try to make a buck off someone famous.

  • smark calloway

    its a work, ..its a new storyline…wwe are gonna bring in this dale guy under the ” construction worker ” gimmick, to feud with cena when he returns…it will be cena vs dale in a scaffolding match at wrestlemania

    • devin steele

      shut up you ass. IT’S REAL LIFE!!!!!!! it’s NOT a storyline!!! grow up and lay off the crack kiddo.

      • smark calloway

        jeez ,someone needs to get a sense of humor and relax.youre gonna give yourself a heart attack .its a joke… kiddo

  • BrooksOglesby

    Seems like a thing you should learn about before you get your certification, but really, how do you learn to fall off a 20-foot ladder?

  • Simon Veitch

    At what point does a builder not own and use his own scaffolding? I work as a builder as well and aside from the occasional borrowing of a costumers equipment if it’s convenient and safe, I prefer using my own as you just never know what condition it’s in

  • Avalanchian

    Just money grubbing trash is all. See it all the time in real sports.