John Cena To Eye World Title If Successful At TLC, What You Didn't See On WWE Raw

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- WWE uploaded an exclusive interview with John Cena following this week's WWE Raw. In it, Cena says he'll be eyeing Big Show's World Heavyweight Championship if he beats Dolph Ziggler for his MITB briefcase at WWE TLC.  You can watch Cena's comments at this link.

- There was no dark match main event following this week's WWE Raw.

- Speaking of this week's WWE Raw, we heard there was a setup change which caused fans to have to change their tickets.

  • Evonreese

    I was hoping Cena would take Punks title

  • The Game

    Me & you both. Punk = Overrated, Predictable, Boring, Low RAW ratings

    • Tom

      Absolutely right !

  • If Cena ends up “eyeing” the world title, I’m gonna start “eyeing” TNA instead…

  • Kleck

    Might as well put the WHC on Cena. Rock will bring ratings with the WWE belt. It would be interesting going into WM with that dynamic.

  • Clint

    lol, you guys of course cena is gonna go after punk