John Cena To Feud With Kane?

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It appears there are plans for a John Cena vs. Kane feud on Raw Supershow. The match is officially advertised for the December 30th Raw house show from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

While house show matches are not firm in terms of their reliability, they show the direction the WWE creative team is leaning. Given the amount of times things change, there is no way to say the program is 100% until it actually kicks off although the framework was laid with Kane attacking Cena on Monday.

As of this writing, Cena is advertised for WWE TLC on Sunday and Kane is not.

  • An0n

    pretty much it doesnt matter what they do with cena, you hate him when hes champ, you hate him when hes not. you hate him even when hes not in the damn title hunt…..i think this might actually turn out with somehow decent, compared to the same thing day in day out…..

  • Jim

    BAD IDEA! PLEASE TRY AGAIN…PLEASE! It would be stupid if Kane didn’t at least try and get revenge for his injury. And they can’t keep this Big Show / Mark Henry feud running forever. So it just makes sense for Kane to be next. Unless they are afraid that would make the loser of the feud look weak. But so would getting kicked around by Super Cena who I don’t forsee losing many matches between now and Wrestlemania. Tough call, but I don’t like the Cena idea.

  • Mike

    If Kane vs cena is set for the Raw house show on the 30th, do you guys think Kane would be at the Raw house show in Pittsburgh on the 28th? I’m going and I would love to see Kane again.

  • chelu671

    I’ve done some research. John Cena has teamed with Kane since 2005 on multiple occassions. The first time they went 1 on 1 was Dec. 1, 2008. Cena def. Kane cleanly despite interference. The second time was a 1 on 1 Lumberjack match last year.

    Nonetheless, they have never feuded.

  • Alex

    This would be a terrible idea, as it could kill any push that Kane has right now. Unless they do the unthinkable and have Kane go over on Cena to reestablish that he is the monster from the old days, but I can't see WWE doing that.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      Kane vs Cena It will most likely go to a DQ , count out or draw/No contest. AS for Kane not Advertized for TLC that maybe so but it doesn't mean he will not show up and attack Mark Henry weither Henry keeps the title or not, since he is set to start a feud with Henry next month.

  • Dustyn

    I was watching back the Cena vs Henry match, and I saw from right at the begining, the "things" for Kane's ring pyro were set up. I wonder if anyone noticed them watching on TV, and I wonder if that spoiled the live crowd, that Kane would be returning.

    • ken

      I didn't notice the the techs setting up Kane's pyro, so I was just as surprised as anyone when Kane eventually appeared. Either way, the "Real" Kane is back.

  • Ronnie

    I noticed it myself as well

  • H.M.

    Is it too unreasonable to ask for Kane to squash Cena if this feud does happen? It never occurred to me that the one guy Cena has NEVER feuded with in his entire career is Kane.

    • Paul

      Can’t recall them feuding but I’m sure they’ve faced each other with cena winning?
      They need to push Kane now he’s back.

  • 2CentsWorth

    Kane deserves a legitimate push. Sure, they let him stomp the Undertaker last year but then Edge just bulldozed over the Big Red Machine. Kane deserves to be THE Monster of the WWE and not just some stepping stone for the "newbie" monsters to defeat (Snitsky, Umaga, Big Daddy V, Great Khali etc.). It would be good storytelling for him to defeat Cena and then go on a warpath to an epic match with Mark Henry or someone even better at Wrestlemania. Heck, it would make my year if he won the Royal Rumble… But then again, I'm not holding my breath for any of this.

  • medocancer

    how ironic !!! WWE has announced the program of their world tour which is gonna take place this February moving to UAE / Middle East which includes 3 main events as Cena teaming up with CM Punk & Truth vs Del Rio, Miz & Kane !!! its clear that WWE is trying to gain more popularity for their super hero before he faces the Rock at WM 28 by bringing back Kane as a heel against Cena.. as for Kane, it means that he won't fight for a world title or win the Royal Rumble match which he really deserves to win.. on the other hand, WWE is promoting the PG era by overcoming the Attitude superstars such as masked Kane & maybe the Rock as well regardless of how true wrestling fans would feel… as a result, Kane is a bad monster who's gonna be defeated by the super hero John Cena … !! that's totally sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!