John Cena To Unveil New Colors At WWE Night Of Champions

John Cena will debut a new color at WWE Night of Champions as he'll unveil his Susan G. Komen for the Cure pink ring
attire at the show. Cena will wear the gear through October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Cena said one of the reasons he wanted to do something with Susan G. Komen is because of his brother, who early detection of a brain tumor, saved his life. You can read coverage by the Boston Herald at this link.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending us the link.

  • JakShowtime

    I rolled my eyes and was going to make a fruity pebbles joke-type joke when I saw the headline, but then I saw what the shirt was. Can't hate on that. I'll give an approving nod. NFL has been doing the same for the past few years in October, too.

    • bruno

      can you tell me the joke for future references

  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    good on you cena

  • Ray

    Unfortunatley this will probaly be the highlight of NOC

  • Matt Scott

    Fair play to him. Great cause and a great way to raise awareness.

  • Ken

    Good cause.

    Kind of good to see him changing his ring attire out. I wonder what they'll do in November?

    • Hillbilly Jim

      We do celebrate alot of holidays, maybe he will do a nice fall fun fest colors…..

  • nick

    As much as I hate his character..I honestly have so much respect for this guy!

    • Jeff Ono

      Love the man, love the character, love it all. In today's world, genuine good guys come at a premium. Kids need more heroes.

  • elgato48

    Like I alwayds say hate the character, respect the man. Him and wwe should donate a percentage of sales of the shirt to the komen foundation

  • Jashaun

    WWE 13 is outdated

  • Phil

    Bored of the character but massive respect for the guy. He does so much to help in so many ways: make a wish is a prime example. Good on him and the wwe for doing this! Hopefully, like elgato48 said, merch money goes to charity.

  • Chapinb0yy

    I just hope he don’t win. I really don’t want to see Rock vs cena again. They should leave it how it was. “once in a lifetime” cena at this point doesn’t need championships in my opinion. They should really start pushing new talent. Or how bout Kane with the wwe title. But who am I kidding it’s wwe they don’t care. So why should they care what me or any other fan says.

  • Bill

    respect the colors but please go back to the camo and black

  • Brody

    I didn’t know that Cenas bro was battling brain cancer. I beat brain cancer a little over a year ago. Huge props for go to John Cena and prayers for his brother. I never thought I would buy a Cena shirt but I will be getting this one.

    • kbunyon

      He did a little mic work the last time he was in… Crap, not sure of the city, sorry. It was after RAW was over, but he explained how much the city meant to him, and the reason why was that the last time he was there he found out his brother had brain cancer, but this time through he got the news that his brothers tests looked good, and he was doing well. Cena then left the ring, in tears, hugged his brother ringside, then planted a sloppy kiss on his wife (this was a couple weeks after the Eve kissing scene, and just before the divorce was announced).

      While this was after RAW ended, the segment was posted online.

      Congratulations on beating your own cancer. Dealing with any illness is tough, but brain cancer is terrible. I have a friend who has decided on no more treatment. I might also have to buy a Cena shirt.


  • Noah

    Damn it I wanted to hate on the shirt, but now I can’t

  • Randy

    I respect cena and the wwe for this

  • christopher525

    Do have a bit of respect for this move, BUT, he should be doing grey instead of pink. His brother had brain cancer, not breast cancer.

  • Lenny

    If the shirt saĆ­da “Rise Above Hate” and it was pink, I would have def made fun but since it says Cancer not even as one of the charting members of the “Cena SUCKS!” fan club, can’t hate on this. Bottom line, cancer awareness is a great thing and I wouldn’t hate even if Osama Bin Laden did it.

  • I want to know who will win champion title?

    • XKonn247

      Seriously? Cena does something great and you want to know who’s gonna win?

  • JasonGaza

    Well i guess we know who will win now people. Theres no way wwe we have him go under

  • Angelica

    Have major respect for Cena. Gets me mad to see people picking on the shirt because it has pink on it. So lame. Having a mother who beat cancer 3 times and 3 out of my 4 grandparents died of cancer, it’s a great idea. Going to get the shirt for good.

  • Wwefan4ever

    Hate super cena, but John cena I have nothing but the upmost respect for

  • bruno

    Please bring back the black RISE ABOVE HATE after this

  • Hardy

    Still think someone will interfere with the match causing punk to retain via no contest, or something along those lines. And like most of the people on here I too was getting ready to make fun of his new colours when I saw the headline aha. But it’s great that he does so much for as many people as he can, and hopefully wwe will raise some money towards the charity.

  • mike

    cena says its for cancer but i think he wants his shirt to match his panties

  • Duckfannaz

    Let’s go Cena! As a humanitarian.
    Cena Sucks! As a wrestling persona

  • Brandon

    Go Cena we love you my room is wwe but more of it is you Cena

  • Brandon

    Let' go Cena let's go we love you go Cena