John Cena To Turn Heel In Upcoming Movie Role?

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that John Cena is joining the cast of The Nest, Universal’s Tina FeyAmy Poehler comedy about two sisters who throw one last party in their parents’ soon-to-be-sold house.

What’s interesting about their report is that Cena is playing what could mark his first role as a villain.  No other details about his character are available as of press time.

Cena is being represented by ICM Partners. The Nest is set for a December 18, 2015 release.

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  • Eric

    First role in a movie as a villian. In Psyche, he was the villian in the episode he was Guest starred in.

    • Eric


  • Splat


  • Patrick

    He can be a heel/Villian in a movie but not in wrestling yeah that makes so much sence…. not really

    • Mysterion

      How does it not? Will his movie character sell merch like Cena? Will his character do make a wish like Cena? Can’t we all just get over this heel Cena thing? If it ain’t happened yet, it likely ain’t happening.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      With the WWE, Cena is himself, and he should be he’s a great person, and a movie is just a movie, the two are not related in anyway.