John Cena Turning Heel?, Jim Ross, WM29 Lineup Weak?, What Goes Last

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After the closing segment on this week's WWE Raw (highlights here) with John Cena and The Rock do you think Cena could finally be turning heel?

Kendra Bunyon and Jesse Sherwood have an outstanding debate about this topic now online here at I recommend everyone check that out before reading the rest of this answer. In that article, while playing devil's advocate to Jesse, Kendra brought up a great point highlighted by Mick Foley. Can Cena turn heel and still be as effective as he is with charities like the Make-A-Wish Foundation? Set aside his ability to draw and move merch for WWE and consider the effect outside of WWE. That's something that shouldn't be taken lightly and I'm sure a sticking point for any plan that would see a full heel turn for John Cena. I, like Kendra, have always seen a huge benefit in turning Cena heel but this new perspective is certainly worth considering. I have long said I'll "believe it when I see it" in regards to whether or not it will happen but I do agree with Jesse that it could open up Cena to an entire different set of fans. I do want to send a message to all the haters in that the closing segment of this week's WWE Raw was well done. I only wish Flair would have been healthy enough to take part because I thought it came off as realistic and captivating. This was crucial after last week's lackluster show.

Do you think Jim Ross should commentate at this year's Wrestlemania?

If it were up to me Jim Ross would still be the lead play-by-play man for WWE and on television as much as possible. I am for any situation that puts JR back where he belongs - with the headset on announce. This isn't a dig at Michael Cole either - Cole stepped into an impossible situation and has improved. However, I'm all for contributions by the best play-by-play man in the history of the wrestling business.

Is it just me or does this seem to be the weakest Wrestlemania lineup in the last decade?

It's just you because I certainly don't feel the Wrestlemania 29 is weak. Many fans, me included, are against re-matching Triple H and Brock Lesnar and The Rock and John Cena at Wrestlemania but that doesn't mean they aren't two top drawing matches. Remember, last year's show (headlined by Cena vs. Rock), drew the biggest pay-per-view buyrate in the company's history. The lineup is strong although predictable but WWE can always alter how predictable in their booking. This week's Raw was a tremendous step in the right direction heading into Wrestlemania 29.

Which match would you have close the show at Wrestlemania 29?

The three main events for Wrestlemania 29 are Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H, Undertaker vs. CM Punk and John Cena vs. The Rock. I have a hard time seeing any situation that doesn't have Cena and Rock go last unless they decide to end the streak or end the career of Triple H.

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  • cena never ever again turn heel

    • If you’re a fan, you’re a mark

      I’m not quite inclined to agree with you. He may turn heel as the kids who are his fans now grow tired of him when they become teenagers, like with Hogan. Won’t be a while, though. He makes too much $$ as a baby to turn yet.

  • Sheldon Spencer

    I don’t think this year’s Wrestlemania has a weak lineup. I remember WM 21 had few matches but it was a great event. Especially the HBK vs Angle match.

  • PegLeg1069

    I agree that Jim Ross should be calling as many events as he’s capable of calling. As far as him being the best, I think he’s either second or 1A behind Gordon Solie.

    • I can’t argue with that and I did think of Gordon before I wrote that. But there’s just no denying JR’s body of work during the wrestling boom of the 90’s

      • Tony

        Jim Ross is great, but let’s not also forget the awesomeness that was Gorilla Monsoon. Him doing Wrestlemanias/PPVs with Jesse Ventura, and then Bobby Heenan were awesome television.

      • PegLeg1069

        You are absolutely right, Richard. Jim Ross should get just as much credit for the success of the Attitude Era as Steve Austin, The Rock and DX. Gordon Solie and Jim Ross are definitely the greatest of their respective generations.

      • K!NG

        What about Vinny Mac ? he was a great ring announcer. LOL JK

  • spuddyz

    The main events (Rock/Cena, Punk/Taker, HHH/Lesnar) are strong, but the undercard is painfully weak. Painfully weak.

    • Louis

      Just like last year, on paper & when it actually happened. At 29, will it be weak when it actually happens(most likely, yes)? Also, I think the WWE will, yet again, drop the ball somewhere during the event. Examples: 27 – the dreaded 8-man tag, Cole Vs. Lawler(& it’s end result), the intergender tag. 28 – the World Title Match(if you wanna call it that).

    • Braxton

      I’ll agree that the number of undercard matches is weak, but I don’t believe any of the quality of matches will be. The Shield has yet to have a bad match, and I have faith in the Tag Team Title match. CJ vs Fandango looks promising also.

  • Dustyn

    I feel that if the streak were to ever be ended, it would HAVE to be the last match on the card.

  • Asirgitawe

    Remembr when WWF try to turn Stone Cold heel. Fans still cheering for him. I think WWE should turn Cena heel when kids grow up or just don’t care about him .

    What do you think If you saw that WM29 lineup three years ago, You would said that it will be very good WM But there is the problem. We all know that Cena, Triple H, Taker Del Rio is going to win. Of course, there is a small chance that Punk can end the streak or Cena lost to The Rock again(but beat People’s champion at Extreme rules). I wanted Y2J vs Ziggler but it looks like WWE understood that we don’t need anymore rematches.

    Sorry for bad English.

    • lll

      Your english is pretty good. No need to apologize.

  • CJ Blaze

    I do not want to see Lesnar/HHH main event at WM29, but I would love to see Taker/Punk main event

  • Cubed56

    Did anyone else notice cena’s comment about how this match is going to change the face of the wwe? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it seemed in a way cena was talking about himself, possibly the heel turn we’ve been waiting for? In the past few weeks I feel cena has been dropping hints at it. It could all be for nothing, but I’ve noticed the change in cena, more aggressive and badass like his heel days. Not to mention his facial expressions selling the point that he actually has doubt about beating the rock cleanly on his own or without some cheatful advantage. I agree with foley’s perspective, but a lot of heels do charity work also it just goes unoticed to keep their heel persona believable. Cena is a smart business man and if he would turn heel, he will still give to children and charities out of character off and as himself off camera to keep kids loving him and supporting him. I’m not sure how exactly, but someone will always be there to draw the kids. There was when hogan turned, there was when bret hart did, there was when the rock did, there was one when Shawn michaels did, there is always someone. Maybe none of these are to the point cena is, but even just a one year heel turn would do wonders, and wwe will still make a ton of money with him, then turn him face again, apologize for his actions, and you know the children will come back in waves.

    • Andrew Ace

      He was doing the same thing leading up to last yrs mania. Dont get to lost in those little hints. I did like the comment where he said Rock didn’t beat him, he beat himself.

      • Cubed56

        I agree with you, that’s why I said I’m probably reading too much into it, but something just seems different this year. Last year he was so confident he was gonna win, this year he’s selling the doubt very well, making me think just maybe, but like I said 1 in a million.

    • Snap

      I don’t feel that Cena needs to go to the full extreme and turn heel, rather he desperately needs a “change.” Change his music, change his attitude and just change the overall “feel” that is as far away from the Cena of the past five or so years but still retains the core values that he is supposed to stand for.

      The big difference between the days of Hulk Hogan and today is kayfabe was very must still in force back then. When Owen Hart turned on Breat, they did everything they could while in public to maintain the illusion not to mention people like Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker maintaining character while appearing on talk shows, whereas today you’ll have the wrestlers doing media appearances and whether they are a face or heel, they just come across as regular people having a conversation while promoting the product.

      In Cena’s case, dropping the absurdly over the top deliveries and the rambling promos like the pre-Rumble one can only be a good thing. I, personally, do no believe kids will stop being fans of his because he stopped treating them like pre-schoolers and using glorified baby talk in order to “stay PG.” He had a wider appeal in the past and he can have that again.

  • For real, I am so sick and tired of the “when will Cena turn heel” questions. It’s amazing that they still get answered. Ppl seem to think that for Cena to become interesting again he has to turn heel. No! All that he has to do is this, stop acting like a damn Boy Scout, politician, superman character and go back to being the doctor of thuganomics! The guy who didn’t give a F about what ppl thought, came out ripped their opponents with his rhymes, had the throwback jerseys, word life attitude and whatnot. That’s the character that ppl fell in love wth. And seriously you wanna talk about time? How about the time is now to get a new entrance theme Cena! He keeps changing his tshirts one lame Ass t-shirt after another and he’s had the same damn theme for 8 years.

    • coolkdd1

      He’s too old for a rap gimmick, it only work for a up in coming star which is y cena needs to turn heel and be serious and seems possible at the moment.

      • Well he doesn’t have to be exactly the same as he did before but at least drop the superman will overcome all odds crap. He really doesn’t have to turn heel just gotto stop being corny and stop kissing up to the same ppl that boo him every week. Cena has some of the corniest promos ever and he comes out sounding so non-believeable!

    • Jordan De La O

      wrong, Cena needs to change completely. Cena will continue to get the same reaction over and over. I feel that the only way his character will be reinvigorated, is for him to become the monster heel Cena.

  • Chris

    It’s not just him!!! I find Wrestlemanias card to be extremely weak!!!

    • KingKongBrody


  • The Breaker

    As interesting as a heel Cena would be, I would be all for there to just be a darker element to his character (as we saw hints of last night) while he still remains face. For me, the worst part of Cena’s character is not that he’s a face– but that whenever he gets serious and seems to be adding a new layer of complexity, he eventually goes right back to being overly corny.

  • Adam

    OMG Wrestlemania is VERY week, just like the recent raw shows, it’s been predictable and the main events are already known, we all know that Cena WILL beat Rock, Triple H WILL beat Brock and Taker WILL beat Punk, does it really make it worth watching? I’m in two minds as to whether to spend my money on it. As for turning Cena heel, this has been going on for years now, the fans at times love a heel so is there really any point to it? i can’t see any. And raw this week i was close to turning off, another talking between the Rock and Cena which ended with a Rock bottom! PREDICTABLE, it was boring, this is why i’m getting more into TNA now, more excitement!

    • Xavier

      LOL @ I’m getting more into TNA, good luck with that bro.

      • lee

        TNA is starting to be better than WWE they have longer and better storylines plus they wrestle alot more and even give the women matches

        • I agree TNA is putting out great storylines. Ppl don’t put faith in TNA because its not what wwe is today but come on, how old
          Is the wwe? 50, 60
          Years? TNA is going on their 11th year now. These things take time. You have to learn to craw before you can learn to walk! Hogan came in and thought he could make the company run by trying to compete head to head with the wwe and he fell on his ass! The show going on the road permanently is the step in the right direction. You’ll see, 5 years
          From now they will be much bigger than they are now.

      • Jimmy

        TNA is actually getting good now.

  • Eloy Tijerina

    Maybe this is far fetched… and fantasy booking here… But in my opinion, if they want a Wrestlemania moment stuck in time (and really get Cena some heel heat), I would have Paul Heyman come out during the main event and give Cena his old chain he used to use. With Punk maybe taking time off after WM, and Lesnar being part time… it would keep Heyman on WWE TV on a permanent basis, and put Cena on a new level.

  • Lebron James

    The fact that I know who is winning in two of the main events makes it weaker. Unless Vinny really decides to make things interesting by turning Cena heel, or having Punk end the streak, the WM card is really weak.

    • Gary Robert


  • Gary Robert

    This was the first time I’ve watched promo where it just seemed Cena was leaning towards becoming a heel. I really hope they follow through. All these possible obvious endings at WM just have me so uninterested with buying this PPV…but, I will, and I hope it turns out to be worth watching.

    • Jimmy

      Vince and creative basically have 2 options with Cena at this point. They can give the IWC what they want or they can give the rest of the younger audience what they want and knowing Vince, its the younger audience that buys all his merch so we know what he would pick.

  • big m

    Every year someone says the card for mania is week then when they see the show they say its the best one yet can the IWC please make up their minds.

  • wrestlingfan4life

    If the Streak ends, so does my viewing of ANY WWE programming.