John Cena Undergoing An MRI On His Left Knee Tomorrow

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After his injury on this week's WWE Raw, John Cena announced on Twitter that he will undergo an MRI on his left knee tomorrow:

Cena is still advertised to appear at tomorrow's Smackdown tapings, for which we will have full coverage.

  • Abner

    Take it easy man one of the best WWE stars ever. You stand up and support a lot of stuff.

  • jdl


    • Andrew

      Nope. Did you not see him fall on it when coming outbid the ring to chase ziggurat?

    • J-Dub

      I don't think so I saw when he tweaked it chasing after Ziggler!

  • The Nightmare

    I truly and honestly mean this in no disrespect at all, but when you look at the footage of him coming of the apron it only looks like he twisted his ankle. Granted those kind of twists where the foot is on its side and the ankle hits the ground hurt like hell and take a few days to mend but I truly don’t believe he has that much damage done. I’m not a Dr., nor am I pretending to be one, but I’ve done that to my ankle enough times in sports to know it doesn’t require an MRI. My only hope is that this is all kayfabe and they say what has really happened.