John Cena Update

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As we previously reported, tentative plans were for John Cena and CM Punk to have a rematch for the WWE Championship at WWE Hell in a Cell next month. WWE took everyone for surprise when they announced Tuesday on dot com that Cena underwent arm surgery to remove bone chips in his elbow and would be out 4-6 weeks. With WWE now stating Cena will be out two to three weeks, they are looking to get him back for Hell in a Cell.

Cena underwent the surgery Tuesday by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 will take place Sunday, October 28, 2012 from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • christianrocker90

    Is 2-3 weeks really enough time to heal from surgery in this sport?

    • Adam

      No but what else can WWE do? They've invested so much time and effort into turning Punk heel and this storyline. Also what other match could headline HIAC? Sheamus vs Del Rio? Punk vs some face that's been forced into it last minute? Plus, after HIAC, there's two more PPVs until RR where Punk'll face Rock (hopefully)

    • Chris

      I don't think so. Why not just have Punk attack Cena and target the arm on Raw, have Cena 'rushed in to surgery' for injuries from the attack and save a rematch until Survivor Series. It would keep the angle alive, further Punk's heel turn and be sure Cena can recover fully. That would be win, win, win in my eyes.

      • whitethought_

        That would have been smart but WWE already announced that he had the surgery.

        • Hardy

          Doesn’t mean cena could be forced back into surgery after an attack by punk. Punk has already attacked king backstage etc so that could work, but I really don’t see wwe doing that. Do you?

  • JasonGaza

    well if he doesnt return, get ready for a match with punk and orton for hell in the cell

  • Eric

    Cena needs rest n to b off for a while

  • Patrick

    CM punk better target that arm if they end up going at it for hell of the cell.

  • Patrick

    CM punk better target that arm if they end up going at it for hell in the cell.

  • H.M.

    They could just write Cena off TV next week or maybe..maybe they could have him get assaulted by Punk and some goons in a bar…right?

  • Shawn


  • Goo Goo Bean

    Ya know, Make UT work this PPV. Instead of the one per year. Give CM Punk a break. Or establish bigger angles and stars, so they won't have this problem!

    • whitethought_


      • The Breaker

        I think UT= Undertaker.

        Don't necessarily agree with using him, but the angle could go in the direction that CM Punk refuses to defend his title at the next PPV. I mean, who else is there right now besides Cena that can challenge him? That being said, they'll probably just rush Cena back in time for the match as Richard speculates.
        Orton wouldn't make sense right now because they're clearly building him back into contention for the WHC after his victory over Ziggler.

      • SRP

        Given the context, I think that stands for Undertaker.

      • WyFo


  • Jashaun

    Orton won’t be able to do it because he is going to film a movie.

  • rkoturner11

    This will probably end up being a triple threat now…sucks!

  • Synyster

    I agree with the idea to write Cena off tv and have someone else face Punk. They’re pushing Cena to the point where he will end up with a career ending injury soon or he will break down mentally from all the stress.

  • RobUK

    Guys… Do you really think Cena will be off WWE tv even if he can’t wrestle…? We Have been down this road before. Cena will still be on Raw, I have absolutely no doubt on that.

  • 2 – 3 weeks is plenty of time to heal with the help of supplements and performance enhancers. They’ll just sweep that wellness policy under the rug for the time being.

    • fivogoeswest

      Lol yea cause it probably hasnt already for him

  • Gurinder

    Atleast no cena for 4 weaksssss

  • Remi

    Geezuz! What a guy. I bet Rock wouldnt even think of getting into the ring that fast. But still, be careful Cena.

  • DoJo

    It’s actually relatively minor surgery……. It’s the healing of the incision that takes time – they don’t want his arm to rip open during a match!!!!!!!!!

  • Autista

    “Random heal/heel pun”

  • Nikki

    I know when I had surgery on my shoulder I was off 6weeks so please John if you read this Don’t push your injury to heal faster then it needs I found out a resugery sucks and a reinjury can cause more permanant damage then its worth You will be missed during your time of recoop but I’m sure we shall all see you somewhere on the web or whatevs You are the best!!!