John Cena Visits Troops, The Big Show On Nickelodeon

John Cena Visits Troops

John Cena visited with returning troops at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday. WWE posted the following photo on Twitter:

The Big Show on Nickelodeon

Big Show returns to Nickelodeon's Supah Ninjas on April 6th at 9 PM to reprise his role as Two-Ton Harley.

  • lets go cena

  • 1molly23

    Say what you want about Cena, you can’t condemn him for all he gives back.

  • Xavier

    This is why Cena is the #1 guy. His contributions to wrestling go way beyond the ring. Visiting Troops, Make-A-Wish, Fight Against Breast Cancer, Coming back from injuries super early etc etc. That’s why I can’t understand how people can come on here and hate on this dude, he represents everything that’s right about wrestling. This dude is truly one of a kind, dude gets nothing but respect from me.

    • What I know from the audience of Oversea, we all support him !
      This is what we call the real man !
      U know what I means ..