John Cena vs. Big Show At WWE No Way Out A Steel Cage Match

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It was announced on tonight's Raw Supershow that John Cena vs. Big Show at WWE No Way Out next month will be a Steel Cage Match.

WWE No Way Out 2012 will take Sunday, June 17, 2012 from the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

  • thatguy

    HOW surprising. oh its called no way out. you will NEVER guess the type of match the main event is going to be. which it shouldn't be the main event

  • bhim

    this no way out match is good. Mr.john l must be (killed)died & big show be punished because they grapeat mistake in wwe.

  • yer was a great decision, yer a few ppeole became annoyed with wwe, but they know the younger genration is the future, so there4 by making it pg more younger ppeole can see it, to be honest the only real diifference is that there is no blood in matches, no bra and panties matches etc and not much bad language