John Cena Wants The WWE Title Design Changed

John Cena, the man who introduced the "spinner" WWE Title belt, said today on his Twitter account that he's wanted to change the belt's design for a long time. When asked if it's time to change the design, Cena responded:

"yes. I have thought that for 3 years. Either classic or new. It needs a change"

  • dom

    first time in my life i've ever thought "go cena" hahaa

    • Renny

      Same here. I pop whenever I read or see that any superstars want the belt changed.

      However, it sadly doesn't matter who says it should be changed, (Punk, Cena, Miz, etc.) its all up to Vince and him not wanting to possibly lose out on any $$ he gets from this belt selling as good as it does. Heck Richard even reported one time that Triple H was on to Vince about needing to change the belt, so who knows what will happen with Cena making this thought public (to wwe fans).

  • Dan Johnson

    A new design for the WWE title belt would go great with a long over due heel turn for John Cena!!!

  • FeR

    God hear you Cena… Or VKM in that matter…

  • LoganWalk

    Whats With the WHC ? When did it have the red on the other side?

    • Andy

      its not the same one, they had to make a larger one to fit around henry's waist

      • Alex

        Actually it's the same one they've been using for a bit…I first noticed the red when Christian won the title earlier this year.

      • Ernest Bethea

        Henry's not wearing it around his waist. It's always over his shoulder.

        To @LoganWalk, the red on the other side was during Randy Orton's run with the title before Mark Henry went over for it.

        I hope I helped to clear all that up.

      • Matt

        My guess is that it is a new strap for the plates to go on I remember before it debuted with Orton that the belt looked like it was falling apart similar to how the old TNA belt that Eric Young carries around.

  • Pork Chop

    It's kinda like Cena is saying he's even sick of himself.

    • gbdb

      cena is sick of himself

  • spike westphal

    a heel turn for cena and a wwe championship gets a new look 100 percent for

  • Gary

    The Spinner belt can always be a continued item in wwe.shopzone or whatever the website is. Changing the belt on the actual show, to me, won't effect sales of that item if they simply keep it available.

    • Amber

      That's one thing that has continued to bug me; Whenever a wrestler gets a new shirt or something, the company feels the need to stop selling the previous merch. Same with the belt, just because it won't be used by the wrestlers anymore, doesn't mean that fans won't still want to have it. So there's no need to stop selling it. So I don't know why they fret so much about losing money.. just don't stop selling it!

      I don't know how many times I've wanted to buy a shirt or some type of merch, and then realizing that I can't buy it from the official store just because the wrestler isn't currently sporting it. It's stupid.

  • thatguy

    Seeing that Punk has the title now and he was very vocal about it being changed it would make sense if they changed the belt while it is in his hands

  • PainOfDemise

    The WWE Championship does need a new look. Since CM Punk is currently the champion and if he stays champion, he should be the one to change it. He is the one always hunting for change so this would be good for his character.

  • Eric

    If they really wanted to make changes then why not revamp all the belts? Simple because they are fine the way they look now, the WHC will most likely never be changed and the Spinner is the top selling belt they have.

  • Danno

    Just send me the current belt as is!

  • jon

    tonight on raw, cena wins title in match, next monday we have a new design (hell, it could happen!)

  • wheres the silver wwe championship belt we all heard of a while back still kinda waiting on that hell even the champion of champions championship belt would suit and compete with big gold.