John Cena Was Nearly A Marine Before Going Into Pro Wrestling

John Cena nearly joined the military before ever going into professional wrestling. Cena told The Virginian-Pilot:

I was literally about to join the Marine Corps (Officer Candidate School) when a buddy asked me if I wanted to be a wrestler. I thought I would literally last two weeks in there and the Marines would always be there.

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  • KingKongBrody

    I wish you did join.

  • ted

    internet fanactics need to get off cena's back. VINCE MCMAHON wants wwe to be pg. VINCE MCMAHON wants cena to be his top guy becvause he represents wwe with class unlike other drug using tatooed freaks who look like they belong in a sewer or homeless shelter or jail.

    • KingKongBrody

      Mark did I say anything about PG. NO get a life.

    • izblack

      What these idiot Cena haters need too understand is that the WWE is PG because of the Beniot murders, not Cena. Pro Wrestling too a huge hit in the media because of that and is still trying too recover from that.

    • Kleck

      I just want to see Cena turn heel.

      • elstitchio

        Cena will never turn heel wwe makes too much money out of kids buying his merchandise

    • Snap

      Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but nobody is obligated to agree with the opinions of others. Cena fans are free to voice their support while fans who don't like Cena are just as free to voice their thoughts and NEITHER side should be attacked for their views. Like Cena, hate Cena… there's NO right or wrong answer.

      The PG rating in itself isn't the cause of any quality issues in WWE, rather it is how far they (creative) go in the name of PG. Any return of "Attitude" wouldn't change things if creative doesn't know how to write as such anymore and a glut of weapons, blood and cursing ISN'T going to make the WWE product any better than it is now.

      I'm not a Cena fan, but I don't blame the state of WWE or ratings on him, I just change the channel when he's on, nor do I laud CM Punk or Ryback or whomever WWE would want to attribute ratings spikes or declines to, no one person is responsible. I am not an "idiot" because I don't like Cena and I don't feel all Cena fans are "idiots" because they don't share my opinion. Unfortunately, there are some vocal fans who give Cena fans a bad name. Yes, this is true with CM Punk fans as well, in face EVERY segment of fans will have trolls who hurl insults at people with differing opinions. When you encounter them, just channel your inner Damien Sandow and shrug them off with "Thank-you for your irrelevant opinion!"

      But, yes, it ultimately comes down to Vince McMahon's final call on the direction of WWE and though this next opinion may not be popular with Cena fans, he is nearing the end of his time as the top guy and face of the WWE. That's not an attack on Cena, rather the nature of the business but whether you like him or hate you, you have to admit he's had a hell of a run at the top. It could take five years but, at some point, a new guy will be the top guy in the company. It happened with Hulk Hogan, it happened with Steve Austin and it will happen with John Cena and it will happen to the next top guy.

      What I want from Cena is not necessarily a heel turn, whether he is a face or heel doesn't matter. What I am looking for is for Cena and creative to stop insulting our intelligence under the guise of PG. As everyone should know, "PG" means "parental guidance" NOT talking down to your audience like they don't have the mental faculties to understand more mature storylines. The storyline side, of course, is creative's fault but Cena isn't an innocent victim at the mercy of creative.

      What I put squarely on the shoulders of John Cena is his performance in the ring and he has shown a lack of being consistent when selling angles he's been involved in. If he's supposedly suffered a knee injury, much like the one CM Punk has legitimately suffered, to have him jumping and bouncing around on it like there's nothing wrong and then suddenly remembering about it during a match is just lazy and insulting. What impression does it give to the talent who suffer those legitimate injuries and are taken out of the ring to recover, only for the commentary to say Cena has this injury but he's not affected by it at all?

      Cena doesn't need to turn his back on his fans, but he desperately needs to freshen up his character. The Undertaker is perhaps one of the most beloved characters in WWE and he has revamped himself numerous times over his career. Whether it's Cena himself or Vince, Cena has been the same John Cena for nearly eight years, whose only difference has been adding the STF. He can be edgier and maintain PG and continue to be a role model for kids. He doesn't need to utter any profanity at all or flip the double bird like Steve Austin, just stop this act of trying to be a bland, cookie cutter superhero.

  • Michael

    Well to be honest if I saw him for the first time now I would of thought he use to be a marine, hes got that look.

  • Dennis

    John has a marine jaw and no neck