John Cena On Whether Daniel Bryan Can Be The Next Superstar In WWE, Says He Doesn't Know Anything About CM Punk's Status

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- In a recent interview, John Cena spoke about his ChangeTime program, his status as a veteran within WWE, Total Divas, and more. Cena was asked the following about Daniel Bryan:

I don't know if you get enough credit for this, but one of the things that you do is when someone new is coming up and the fans are starting to grasp them, you go out there and you push them on the audience. Zack Ryder was a good example. Most recently Daniel Bryan has been a good example. He's one of the most talented wrestlers in the world. Is he someone you could see going the distance and maintaining his popularity as he continues to grow?

Cena: Predicting the next WWE Superstar is like predicting the crooked stock market at the turn of the 19th century. You just can't. That's what's beautiful about the WWE audience and that's why I love it so much. It changes every day, it changes every arena, it changes every city. I don't know who will be next, but I will keep trying to put people front and center so the WWE Universe gets a good look at everybody.

Cena was also asked about CM Punk's situation, to which he responded:

Don't even know. I think there's one dude who knows all the answers to that, and that's him.

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  • I have always been a fan of John Cena but in this interview, he came across as arrogant imo.

    • jason witten 82

      Interesting, how so?

      • Because of what he said about Daniel Bryan, he act’s like Daniel Bryan isn’t popular.

        • Mysterion

          I’m confused? How? He basically said how can you tell right now if D Bry has the longevity required to be a top dog for the sane time Cena has? It’s honesty. Not arrogance. I’m a huge D Bry mark. I love him. He’s by and far the top guy on TV right now. But that’s not to say tomorrow they won’t prefer Big E, Cesaro, Christian. You just don’t know that stuff.

          • I didn’t say anything bad.

          • jason witten 82

            Nobody said you did, just a good ole wrassslin debate 🙂

          • Ok cool but he act like that he didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that Daniel Bryan is popular.

          • Iffy

            This is the answer you give when you cannot outright say, ‘I’m sorry, can you not see the rocket pack that we are planning to strap onto Roman Reigns?’

          • Padres4life

            yeah its unfortunate the WWE doesn’t see Bryan as anything but a fad….Its been two years though, they should know he’s not a fad….it sucks, but oh well! fans lose.

          • jason witten 82

            It does seem odd that he avoided answering about bryan directly im just not sure I would describe him as being arrogant in his answering

          • I might be wrong but that’s how i looked at the situation.

          • Ben

            If anything I’d give him credit for humility due to being willing to try pushing other guys forward and get them in the spotlight. Cena’s answer was spot-on, it’s impossible to know who the next mega-star will be.

  • jman72485

    WWE should listen to their top guy and push DBry who he himself if supporting and pushing. Cena is sort of passing the torch to him but the WWE refuses to acknowledge that and it sucks…

    • Padres4life

      well they acknowledge it now, he hasnt’ lost cleanly since the Rumble on TV and they never even mention the loss to Bray at all. And he’s getting all the top segments.