John Cena Will Always Get Heat From Fans, Acknowledging CM Punk, Usos Elevated, NXT What TNA Once Was

I feel that when John Cena doesn't do the SuperCena routine when he turns to the five moveset, he has incredible matches like his match at Payback against Bray Wyatt and his match against Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. Wouldn't it be best for him to get the fans back on his side by using new moves as opposed to doing the same ones over and over?

John Cena is more than capable of working good matches and has proved the "you can't wrestle" hate is completely unfounded. Cena has had far too many "Match of the Year" candidates to even begin to question his ability. The problem is Cena is always going to get heat from a segment of WWE's audience as long as he's the company's top babyface that overcomes the odds. While there are readers like you that are very high up on Cena vs. Bray Wyatt at Payback, there are those very upset that Cena went over. As I stated in Richard Reacts to Payback, I understand why Cena went over Bray Wyatt and still believe Wyatt was helped by the program. WWE has to protect Cena because he's still the top guy and they're going to rely on him heavily (especially with Daniel Bryan out) to carry them this summer. However, I'll admit I'm not thrilled with Wyatt losing, I understand it. So to answer your question, there is nothing Cena can do to his move set that is going to change someone's mind about him. He will have fans and he will have detractors but until further notice, he's WWE's top talent.

What was your reaction of WWE mentioning CM Punk throughout the night during Paul Heyman's opening segment, as well as Stephanie McMahon acknowledging that he quit? I felt it was the only thing they really could do to somewhat keep the CM Punk chants a bit calmer.

I'll start by saying if you go to a WWE event and chant "CM Punk," you're ridiculous. You bought your ticket knowing Punk's situation and what's the point of chanting for someone that left on their own terms? Punk wasn't fired, he quit. WWE wants him back but he's ready to move on. It's time for Punk's fans to do the same. I talked about WWE mentioning Punk in the Paul Heyman segment and in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship segment in Richard Reacts, stating it was the right move. In the past, WWE has tried to ignore things they don't want getting on TV and it does nothing but insult the intelligence of the viewer. Embracing the chants helped keep them under control and delivered two of the best one-liners of the night. I do want to reiterate that if you buy a ticket to a WWE show only to be disruptive by chanting "CM Punk," you're wasting your time and should probably find a new hobby.

The series between John Cena and Bray Wyatt was obviously to help elevate Wyatt's career. With the continual addition of The Usos to the series is this to help elevate them and thus the tag team titles?

I believe The Usos were continuously used in John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt to help get them on the map and also help prevent a double turn. With Cena's 50/50 crowd reactions and audiences buying into The Wyatt Family, WWE didn't want to turn either. The Usos helped that, especially Sunday night at Payback. Their energy and babyface move set kept the babyface audience behind Cena and prevented a Bray Wyatt turn. As I mentioned in Richard Reacts to Payback, the fact The Usos were used in this program goes to show their rising stock. I'm not sure either has the ceiling of Bray Wyatt but they look to be a big part of WWE moving forward.

Considering the fact that 'smaller' workers are featured heavily on NXT, and wrestling ability seems to take priority over simply 'looking the part' on the show, do you see WWE adopting this attitude towards the main roster going forward?

This is one of the biggest reasons NXT has developed into its own brand. The smaller/more intimate venue at Full Sail University, the focal point being in-ring work and cruiserweight talent getting to use a more high-risk pace than they would on the main roster. This is also what has internally muted conversations for a potential cruiserweight-only show on WWE Network and has some wondering if there will be certain guys that are signed solely to work on NXT, without ever being called up to the main roster. For WWE to replicate what they do at NXT on the main roster, they would have to completely change the way they push talent. I don't see that happening as much as I see the NXT brand succeeding as a viable alternative. NXT is what TNA was at one point. A product that thrived on great wrestling with a higher production value. When TNA decided to do away with that (brushing aside the X Division and their Knockouts), their audience stopped growing. There is a marketplace for what NXT brings and while I do not see WWE becoming more like NXT, I hope the company keeps the brand strong.

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2012: CM Punk calls Kofi Kingston his “road wife.” What is the meaning of this term? - CM Punk and Kofi Kingston are friends that travel together. Given the fact WWE workers are on the road 300 days out of the year, most travel with friends for company and to share expenses. Someone like Punk probably doesn’t have to worry about money (he has his own tour bus) but I’m sure he enjoys hanging with Kofi.

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  • Patrick

    Some Fans still don’t get it. you can look strong even in defeat. Bray lost nothing and he is fine. but of course your always going to have some fans who think other wise. their just being stubborn is all.

    • Xavier

      Yeah the Hart/Austin match at WM13 slips a lot of people’s minds. The boo birds also forget that when Cena was on the rise in 03 he lost his 3 biggest matches/feuds (to Lesnar at Backlash 03, to Undertaker at Vengeance 03 and Angle at No Mercy 03) but he still looked great even in defeat and still went on to achieve what he did but I’ll keep that in the hush though because some people are allergic to logic

      • David Jr.

        You can say the same thing about the Raw Ladder Match of Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker. Or Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon at Wrestlemania X, or Mankind vs. Undertaker in the Hell in a Cell. While all in losses, those matches help make Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels and Mankind into future WWE Champions.

        • Xavier

          Exactly. If a superstar can’t over come one loss then they probably weren’t that good too begin with. The ones destint for greatness stay over and advance up the card even if they take a high profile lose here or there.

          • David Jr.

            That is so true.

          • Xavier

            Triple H once survived a Warrior squash and a whole year of losing because of the curtain call incident at MSG

          • Bob’s Diner

            In all fairness, The H was on the lower-level when those happened. And the Warrior squash wasn’t even really a feud.

          • Cubed56

            Did he survive by hard work and patience though, or did a lot of it have to do with him sleeping with the bosses daughter?

          • David Jr.

            He became WWE Championship before he ever married Stephanie.

          • Cubed56

            thats true, however he was dating stephanie well before he married her. He was dating her at the time he won his first championship..

          • Jay El Bee

            Not true. If I remember correctly Triple H & Stephanie didn’t start dating each other until months after they were paired together on-screen at Armageddon ’99, and Triple H had already been WWE champion by that time and was weeks away from regaining the title from the Big Show.

          • Cubed56

            You may be right now that i think about it, either way his relationship with her certainly brought him to places he may have never reached

          • Steve pritchard

            It’s not that Wyatt lost that that makes me laugh at that match. It’s the fact we get the same old Cena overcomes the odds ending. Your exactly right . If Wyatt can’t get over this loss . He probably isn’t the star we thought he was. But do you as a fan not get tired of the same old Cena story lines over and over . Granted he went down to bray at extreme rules. But last nights ending was to predictable. I’m not disrespecting Cena . I actually respect him a lot for what he’s done for the business. But these predictable finishes got old years ago.

          • Guest

            Because youre looking at a match from a critical standpoint rather just sitting back and enjoying it like most people do.

            Cena winning was the most logical thing to do…because of the idiot fans buying into it too much. So ever since then, they had to have Cena end it by ending him. Period!

      • Cubed56

        your right he lost the 3 biggest feuds, but he also won alot of big matches too.

    • Jbreed

      It’s not always the case. Losses usually bury guys more than help them no matter how good they look in defeat. One huge example was a couple of years ago when everybody thought Cody Rhodes got the rub from Randy Orton even though Orton beat him in every match. So where’s Rhodes now? And the most recent example is Damien Sandow when he looked so good in defeat against John Cena. Everybody was convinced Sandow was gonna sky rocket.

      • Patrick

        you made some good points….you also have someone like Jericho who some say he is like Teflon. bounces back from Defeat and still looks strong, the same with Undertaker he’s taken his share of losses but looked strong during his career.

        • Bob’s Diner

          A – Jericho is a guy that has been popular for 15 years, of course losses impact him less than someone that has been around for 15 months.

          B – in Jericho’s last run, he lost so much it almost meant you were useless if you couldn’t beat him

  • Splat

    John Cena losing wouldn’t have hurt his stock one bit and would have been huge for Bray Wyatt. That being said you won’t find me knocking Cena’s in-ring work he rarely has a bad match.

  • Nic Lemmons

    To be completely honest about the punk chants, the’re weren’t really that many last night. I having no idea what you would consider “a lot” but I counted 7 in all. 4 coming before the PPV kicked off and 3 during the actual show.

  • Michael Burgess

    I appreciate you answering my question about Punk. I wasn’t trying to come off as a Punk fan who cheers no matter what. I agree with everything you said including in your audio Richard Reacts.

  • jdl

    Bray lost nothing in that match, as Cena had to go through ridiculous efforts to keep him down. He literally had to cheat to win and were they to bother to actually follow the rules of a Last Man Standing match Cena would have been disqualified. That match proved Bray Wyatt is an inhuman force that should not be trifled with. Even in loss he won.

  • K!NG

    Loss’s never hurt the undertaker and i Do not expect a loss to cena will hurt bray wyatt.

    • Avalanchian

      Undertaker was never truly the face of the WWE. In the ring maybe, but Cena is the gateway to greater things outside of the ring.

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        Beating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania probably IS the biggest thing in WWE, but other than that Cena is probably the one to beat inside the ring, and like you say, outside too.

  • packerpf

    Have to say Richard is wrong here. If cena added 3-4 new moves it would add a lot of flavor and would change lots of opinions. Also the fans chanting for Punk are showing their continued appreciation for what he did for the company, and if you pay for a ticket you can chant what you want. Idk why so many ppl are up on the cena vs bray match..i was very upset the way it played out, the usos and the wyatt followers should have had their own tag match or something this last man standing should have been straight up 1 on 1, also the ending was way too predictable on that match. Evolution losing was great, hopefully now they will stop and go back to singles competitors and a new storyline.

    • Avalanchian

      Well golly gee if Bray doesn’t add the shooting star press to his moves I simply think he’s a flash in the pan.

      • packerpf

        Bray’s character is fresh, not a decade old with no real change, there are lots of legitimate moves cena could add to his skills. But if you want to be retarded go ahead Eugene.

    • GOR

      It is actually funny that we r talking about Cena doing new moves.
      If u watch his 1st match u will find plenty of moves; DDT, spine buster, powerslam.
      I remember he used to do sideboxslam too. So its not like he doez not have diferent moves, but for some reason the idiot doez not want to use any in the ring.
      Must be really thick !

    • Stephen Heim

      I have been saying the same thing. That is why I don’t believe Bray is a viable opponent. Every time He starts getting his ass kicked, his 2 goons gets involved. They need to have him actually win matches on his own.

  • David F

    Its Chicago there will always be Punk chants. My problem with Cena and Wyatt feud is that Wyatt should have gone over at Wrestlemania thats show fans will remember and then having Cena go over at Extreme Rules and Payback would have been fine with me. This feud was exact copy of Kane and Cena feud couple of years ago. Although now Wyatt is fully capable of being a solid WWE champ. He should be champ at some point in 2014 or post Wrestlemania 2015

  • Bob’s Diner

    I’m confused… Super Cena wasn’t in the Cena/Wyatt match? I thought it was Super Cena vs Super Wyatt – the entire match went like this; John Cena hits a big move, Wyatt gets up before the 10 count then hits a big move on Cena. Cena gets up before the 10 count and hits an even bigger move. Repeat for 20 minutes.

    • Dave Barton

      In an attempt to forcefully suspend my disbelief, I’d think its easier to simply stand up within 10 seconds of taking a big move than it is to push another man off me within 3 seconds of taking the same big move.

      • Bob’s Diner

        That’s fine and dandy, but there is fine line between making things look believable. Getting up after taking a massive move and then performing your own massive move right away, then standing there for 10 seconds like you were never hurt, throws all believability into the rubbish bin

    • Steve pritchard

      Thank you ! Finally someone sees it the way I did. I didn’t think Wyatt would win. But this Cena overcoming the odds story line got old years ago. I respect what Cena does for the company. But these same old same old over come the odds story lines are beyond old and predictable.

      • Bob’s Diner

        What I found even funnier was watching Bray Wyatt tuck himself into that box at the end. The hole they made wasn’t even half covered by the road case on top – Wyatt could have easily climbed out, but instead chose to tuck himself up like he was in a coffin.

        Actually, no – throwing the ring steps was the funniest. Guy took a massive beating, threw the ring steps with force and then stood there like he had just walked to the ring.

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and turn Bray into the next Undertaker, sure is creepy enough.

  • Gary Robert

    They were in Chicago, of course there will be CM Punk chants. To say that the people who bought the tickets who chanted his name in his home town should not buy tickets and move on means the whole arena leaves. Heyman and Steph both did great acknowledging the chants with one-liners that were perfect.

  • Kevin

    Vault question today …. I’m a big fan of the vault daily but really?….. Punk, Punk, ……Punk’s tour bus.


    Cena needs to properly sell other wrestlers moves first before adding some more seriously it pains me watching Cena no sell moves.

  • Ken

    Rich, I absolutely agree with you. Those fans that show up on whatever show, be it Raw or Smackdown or at a event like Payback, just to chant for CM Punk knowing the he’s not coming are just deluding themselves. This has been going on since after Royal Rumble and I’ve gotten sick of it. I’m still a CM Punk fan and I always will be, but he left on his own terms and he’s not interested in returning, then he’s not interested.
    Anyone who comes around chanting for Punk knowing his situation is utterly deluding themselves; time to let it go. Chant for somebody who’s still on the roster for God’s sake. Chant for Dolph Ziggler or Big E or Paige. Chant for the Usos or Cody Rhodes or Emma. HELL, CHANT FOR RUSEV FOR ALL I CARE. But don’t waste your breath chanting for someone who walked out on his terms and his alone.
    One more thing; to Mr. Phillip Jack Brooks, I wish you well in your future endeavors.

    • Bob’s Diner

      The big problem at Payback was it completely undermined Daniel Bryan – a guy these same fans have been complaining hasn’t been getting the respect he deserves. Way to tell WWE he doesn’t mean anything

  • Snap

    How, if I may ask, is it any different than when fans at a WWF event in Philadelphia would chant ECW at any opportunity when, at the time, it had absolutely nothing to do with the WWF product? Honestly, people can chant whatever they bloody well want but I think when they moronically chant “What” during promos (or “One more match!” during a legend’s promo) it is even more ridiculous and annoying than a “CM Punk” chant.

    But think of it this way, isn’t it just as ridiculous to get upset at and expend energy in regards to “CM Punk” chants as it is for people to actually be making the chants?

  • Malboja

    I don’t get it so bray wyatt wants to change people and “bring out the monster”
    So far he tried with bryan and failed
    He tried with Kane and put him in a suit??
    And now he has failed with cena too
    I think wyatt is great but surly at some point there has to be a pay off somewhere