John Cena Will Be At Raw This Monday

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WWE Raw will not only have Vince McMahon returning to the show, but we will also see John Cena's face again. Cena confirmed it on his official Twitter page. The tweet is embedded below:

WWE Raw will be live at 8 PM EDT in Sacramento, California; Do not miss our exclusive live play-by-play coverage of the show right here on

  • AnacondaVise

    Does he have to be?

  • The Breaker

    Hopefully we see a better rating this week.

  • jeb

    So after one week Raw is going to be annoying again?

    • izblack

      So I guess you don’t find Punk’s bitching annoying?

      • snap

        It’s Punk’s character. If he’s annoying you it means he’s doing his job. What’s Cena’s excuse?

      • jeb

        Nope, Punk is great

        • Benjamin

          No sir, Punk is naughty and proud. Pride goes before a fall. He hse also put himself into the wrong hands of Paul Heyman.

  • CenaFan2002

    Yes. Deal with it.

    • jeb

      Just a little tired of the last 20 minutes of Raw being dedicated to "a big announcement from John Cena"

      • lee

        The announcement will be that he wants punk to challenge him at hiac, which is getting old already.

  • Paul

    Yay!! ….. Said no one ever

  • Dave

    The face of the WWE on the flagship show?! SHOCKER!

  • Evon Reese

    Maybe this RAW wont be the CM Punk Hour. Super Punk and all his whining and crying and feel sorry for me is old and boring. He needs Cena more than Cena needs him. Punk has rode on others back and cried and moaned his way to the top. He should be able to carry a PPV now by himself but instead he can't even carry RAW. Most on here complain that Cena needs a character change but Punk really needs one. He went Heel but its still the same old song and dance. Without Heyman his heel turn would not even work. He steals moves and others colors. Punk is one big rip off and has to pick on little kids for attention. Even Stone Cold laughed when he declared he would have made it in the attitude ERA. Super Punk is Super old and boring.

    • Nick b

      “punk and all his whining and crying”

      It’s his character, if he was a badass people would cheer him and that would be counterproductive

      “he steals moves and others colors”

      How is it “their” colors? He where’s the colors of legends out of respect. (btw you stole that line from cena, hypocrite)

      “has to pick on little kids for attention”

      He did that once and he did that to get heat from the crowd.

      • Evon Reese

        There are plenty of bad asses that don't whine and cry that's what makes them bad asses and not whimps. Why is it when Punk steals moves and colors its out of respect? He does it because he needs the attention and has no originality. I don't need to steal anything from Cena. I can see and think for myself.

        • Nick b

          But you would cheer him if he was a badass. He is heel and the WWE wants him to be boo’d. If he was a badass like last summer then he would get cheered more than any face on the roster. It simply wouldn’t work. Come back when you understand wrestling. Thanks.

          • Evon Reese

            I understand wrestling. I do not like Punk as a heel or a face. He whines and cries. I loved Stone Cold as a face or heel. He never whined or cried or played the feel sorry for me crap. He didn't have to. All Punk fans think they are the only ones that "understand" wrestling and can not even imagine someone not liking Punk and is not a fan of his. I understand wrestling and the whining and crying and feel sorry for me is not a character I can get into. I believe in character changes and Cena does need one. But when you change into a sniveling little snot nose whiner it is the wrong character change for me. Thanks

    • snap

      It’s cool if you don’t like Punk’s character, since that’s the whole point of his character. Everything he’s been doing, it’s classic heel tactics. At least when he “whines and complains” he doesn’t insult the intelligence of the audience like SuperCena does with his infantile “replacements” for cursing to make it seem like he’s upset.

      Do you really think John Cena as a face works? Half the crowd hates his guts and he even gets booed out of the building in his hometown. Despite what WWE would like you to believe, it’s not because Cena is “controversial” he just isn’t likeable. Please don’t make a counter argument about his charity/Make-a-Wish appearances, as those have absolutely nothing to do with his in ring WWE persona.

      Newsdlash: When was the last time Cena really changed his character? Eight years ago? CM Punk has changed things up numerous times in that timespan. I bet we’ll still be seeing the SAME Cena when WrestleMania 30 comes around.

      Thankfully, RAW airs on a one hour delay here, so I can read the reports to see when Cena appears so I know when NOT to watch.

      • ChrisH

        Newsdlash: When was the last time Cena really changed his character? Eight years ago?

        Newsflash (really? What a sad little man you are!) when was the last time mysterio really changed his character? 8 years ago? Never? Fine for him.

        Fine, you don’t like Cena. Don’t try and convince everyone else that you are right and they are wrong. Maybe this Cena fan is new. Maybe they’ve only seen him for a year and aren’t as “bored” with him as you are. Your infantile need to be “right” about Cena is pathetic. You don’t need to like him. You’re a big boy, you can dislike him. You don’t need to come here and preach at others who do.

        • Nick b

          Read evon’s first comment…..
          Snap isn’t “preaching” to anyone, he is having an opinion just like evon.

        • snap

          I would be able to take you seriously had you not resorted to a snide insult. Seriously, all it does it illustrate you have absolutely nothing to support your argument so you have to resort to insults in order to give off the illusion that what you say means anything. You could very well be making valid points, but the insults projects a negative image.

          I don’t need to be “right” but I am allowed to voice my opinion just like everyone else. Furthermore, Evon claimed that CM Punk “really needs” a character change while dismissing other peoples’ complaints that Cena needs a change and THEN admits Cena does need one. So… this person is “right” and anybody with a differing point of view is “wrong” or a “sad little man”? So we’re ONLY allowed to comment on anything if we like Cena, yet people like Evon can complain about CM Punk or anybody who dares threaten SuperCena’s superiority?

          It’s kind of a ludicrous comment as CM Punk has literally JUST changed his character over the summer. If THAT is considered “old and boring” what does that say about a stagnating Cena character? Evon’s comments about liking Stone Cold whether he was a heel or face is pretty indicative that he has been watching the product since before Cena arrived on the scene, he’s also said he plain doesn’t like CM Punk so how is that any different from me not liking Cena?

          If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine, it doesn’t bother me one bit. Just don’t take offense when I happen to disagree with you.

          So, in conclusion; Evon is free to like Cena and dislike Punk all he wants, but just like my own comments can be disagreed with, his can as well. If people want to talk about Cena and NOT see differing opinions, the best bet is to start up a private message board or Facebook group.

  • Shawn

    Evon is a tool

  • Remi

    YAY <3

  • Satan

    Punk > Cena

  • Fart Handler

    Ryback will take out Cena forcing Punk to face him at HIAC.

  • Evon Reese

    @Shawn am I a tool or are you a Punk tool? When you can not tolerate others opinion in their honesty it makes you a tool or juvenile.

    • Nick b

      That’s my point. You LIKED stone cold as a heel. WWE doesn’t want you to cheer punk, he has to “whine and cry” so that people don’t cheer him. So that he can be a heal. And sorry about saying you don’t understand wrestling. That was unnecessary.

      • Evon Reese

        I understand. But the whining and crying isn't bringing heel heat. I just don't like him and will not buy ant more of his merchandise and yes I do own some. It's like ADR it's not heel heat I just don't like him either.