John Cena Wins World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena beat Alberto Del Rio at WWE Hell in a Cell to win the World Heavyweight Championship. The match, which saw Cena wear a protective sleeve over his incision site, featured Del Rio working Cena's arm.

The story was that Cena might have come back too soon but he built a come back and eventually went over. The match is Cena's first since undergoing surgery for a torn triceps in August.

WWE Hell in a Cell Results - John Cena Wins World Title

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  • Gary Robert

    God Forbid they actually have Del Rio go over Cena clean (and I hate Del Rio). But, Jesus, can we stop having guys return from injury after months away (usually Cena every other year) or guys return from a 10 year retirement (Rock) and beat the current champions? Talk about making the current guys look bad. Would it have killed Vince to have Del Rio go over. Just blame it on Cena’s ring rust or the angle that he did indeed come back too soon. That win boosts Del Rio’s stock, helps the belt look worthwhile…and creates an actual feud with Cena as opposed to a one and done, thanks for the belt.

  • Tom Lee

    Great win !