John Cena Wins WWE Championship Money In The Bank Contract

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John Cena won the Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE Championship match contract at the pay-per-view. Cena beat The Miz, Big Show, Kane and Chris Jericho who were all participants in the match.

While the briefcase accidentally broke loose, giving Cena the win early, I'm under the impression he was still scripted to go over in the match.

  • LeeMc

    hopefully we find out if cena was supposed to win!

  • #1 Awesome One

    Did anyone catch the pic on where the briefcase looked destroyed? 🙂
    Glad Cena won, now let's just hope he cashes in successfully, even though that you can tell they are going to script a win for him.

  • James

    *Raises hands*
    DONE! I AM DONE!! I don’t get why Cena is being pushed again. I don’t get why the WWE Champion is not Main Eventing the PPV’s. This doesn’t make sense!

    • Skitzo

      You are nottttt

    • An0n

      okay, dont watch WWE, I mean losing one viewer will be such a big blow to a multi-million dollar company.

    • Patrick_OToole

      The WWE Champion will be main eventing again… when Cena cashes in and wins (not something I am happy about), which will probably happen at the end of summer once the regular sitcoms and Monday Night Football come back on television.

    • dmo

      Cena wasnt supposed to win, it broke off on him as he slammed it against big shows head

  • James

    DONE! I AM DONE!! I don’t get why Cena is being pushed again. I don’t get why the WWE Champion is not Main Eventing the PPV’s. This doesn’t make sense!

    • chad

      I'm with you…I really was hoping for a Kane win; he didn't do much which sucked. Anyone besides Cena would have been fine with me

    • JamieSNZ

      Ordinarily I don't like double posts, but this one makes sense. More people need to be saying this.

    • Paul

      You don’t get why cena is being pushed again? I was under the impression he always pushed seeing as he is the face of the company, I was hoping for Kane to win but ah well at least the miz didn’t win.

      • I wanted a miz win
        Miz is a great wrestler

    • Lol at how pathetic you sound…’s just wrestling, buddy.

  • eric

    We all new dat was goin 2 happen whc mitb match was showtime

    • XKonn247


  • this guy

    It really did seem like that was a botched finish

  • Lol. Plastic briefcase handles.

  • Swanson

    I’m curious to see how they handle this actually because Cena obviously doesn’t need the belt to be over. I can not see him cashing in and losing. But it also doesn’t have to happen for a year.

  • Satan

    Cenation sucks!

  • Amsterdam

    even in the pic on cena has a kind of "oh sh*t" face

  • Satan

    Impact and ROH way better and better than WWE!

  • Garry

    It was a botched finish dat cena wins
    They should have put bryan over this time & it should have the main event

  • Wwefan4eva

    I hate wwe so much

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Cena's MITB match debut, main evented a show over WWE Championship match. What are the odds…

  • Mike L

    For the seventh time a World Championship Match didn’t headline a ppv, but guess who was in the Main Event of last six?… SUPERJACKASS!!!

  • elgato48

    The finish was obviously botched but im sure cena was still going to win. He music up and on cue as soon as he held up the briefcase

  • christopher525

    The handle on that case was gimmicked to break. Completely different from the other handle.

  • Bill Clinton

    Kane should have won. Would have made things more interesting if he was in the title picture so he could keep the love triangle between him, punk, bryan, and aj going. Always thought AJ would have ended up with Kane but, since He lost, it doesn’t look like Its gonna happen.

  • James

    I hate Cena. I hope hes the first to cash in and lose.

  • john4andersen

    Why was the Miz added like he was? Was this a last minute add or an attempt to surprise us? Didn’t work – especially since he had no chance of winning.

  • Captain Booger

    I haven't seen it, but this result already bores me.

  • proud

    Cena to lose @ 1000 RAW for first ever MITB loser

  • Cannibal Clive

    It did look botched. As the Briefcase handles crumbled…. The anti-climax was apparent when Big Show ended up looking like King Kong on top of the Empire State building. (before the planes arrived). A few weak taps to the top of Show's head with the case to get him to fall from the ladder. Didnt look like a triumphant finish to me. looked like a quick save job from Cena.

  • John dickson

    The rock beats cm punk on the 1000th episode for the title , cena cashes in and beats the rock witch leads to a wrestlemania rematch

    • Daniel Lim'ass

      So much for the "Once in a lifetime" huh?

    • Me.

      Nah, the Rock will win the title at Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber, leading to Cena instantly declaring he's cashing in at Mania.

  • JasonGaza

    John cena could get a title match anytime and they waste the case on him like wwe could be so stupid sometimes like Where is Mysterio????

  • jackman365

    It seems Vince has bought into the meme, CENA WINS LOL. That is his 100 win this year, including house shows, out of 108. I’m sick of the man now.

  • Jeremiah

    If you guys actually Just Stop and Think as why Cena is getting Pushed.The Rock Did Say He Is Going For 1 More Title Reign.

  • Dave McGreal

    Is it just me or did Cena looked more juiced up than normal last night? He was looking ripped

  • AnacondaVise


  • Wwe4L76


  • Satan

    Boycott WWE until Cena is gone for good!

  • Satan

    Undertaker is the greatest superstar in WWE history, no question about it!

  • Nick

    I rather have Richard debut at the end and promoting WNW instead of Cena.

  • karen occardi

    that was brutal kane and show nearly got hurt i woryed about them both

  • WyFo

    Will you all shut up!? Cena’s getting another title shot, Boo Hoo! The man hasn’t held the title in about a year so it’s not like he never stops getting it! I don’t like him either but crying about it won’t help!

  • ShortStack

    What happened about Cena’s rest that everyone was talking about after the Lesnar match. I thought he was going to take time to sort out his personal life and get his body back in proper shape. Now he been given the MITB. Seems like WWE are gonna just keep pushing him until his body is completely worn out and he is no longer any use to them.