John Cena Wins WWE World Heavyweight Championship For 15th Reign

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John Cena won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the ladder match main event at Money in the Bank on Sunday. The finish saw Cena hit Attitude Adjustments on Kane and Randy Orton. After hitting his finisher, he climbed to the top of the ladder and grabbed both belts.

Orton was covered in blood as he was busted open the hardway after taking a ladder to the top of his head.

The reign is Cena's 15th world title reign.

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  • Stephen Cash


  • David F

    Lesnar beats Cena for title at SummerSlam and Bryan beating Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31 for the title. All depending on Bryan’s health of course

    • opie

      That’s cute. Bryan’s the new Ziggler. He’ll never even get to look at those belts up close again.

  • Dave Barton
  • Splat

    The lame is here.

    • Ricky

      Whoever got the title was going to drop it to Lesnar at Summerslam. WWE obviously thought it was too soon to give the title to Cesaro, Reigns or Bray, and I don’t blame them. I see next year being huge for all three of them. Cena or Orton where the obvious and safe choices as they can take a loss to Lesnar and not get set too far back.

  • Vic Jose

    Boo, too predictable. Not even his hometown wanted him to win, that’s pretty bad.

  • Ben

    Had to happen if Lesnar’s getting strapped at Summerslam. Boring and predictable, but at least it won’t be a long reign.

    • John

      I wouldn’t count on it.. Lesnar will be the champion until WrestleMania.

      • Ben

        I agree, I meant Cena’s reign will be short. I can see where my comment was confusing though.

        • John

          Ahh right, sorry. But yeah that’s definitely a positive, and actually one of the reasons why i wanted Cena to win last night surprisingly.

  • Cory Schneider

    Let Lesner win at SS and Reigns win the Rumble and beat Lesner at Wrestlmania. The there’s your next mega star.

    • Cubed56

      then Rollins will cash in on Reigns to bring their rivalry full circle

  • SweetCyn

    I was really hoping they would strap Bray tonight. But that would be different, and if something different happened the fans might like it. I really don’t like Brock Lesnar, but I hope he puts Cena on the shelf.

    • Avalanchian

      But the talk is putting the title on Lesnar at SS. You really want Bray to lose another PPV? That wouldn’t be great for his image. So put it on Cena who can take a loss and Brock can revenge his return loss to Cena.

    • Ronnie

      Don’t wish harm upon somebody else. I get that you’re not happy with the result, but that’s not right to do that.

  • King James

    I’ll never get why they keep giving this guy the world title. You literally had about 5 others guys you could’ve given the push to in that match alone. Now they’re going to give the title to a part timers whos leaving after Summerslam. Literally the decision making makes no sense. I will say this, however, 15 world title reigns is impressive. Congrats to Cena. One away from the nature boy.

    • opie

      Dude . . . did you just throw a “literally” in there for no apparent reason?

    • Gary Robert

      b/c whoever won at MITB was just going to lose to Lesnar next month so it makes no sense to strap up-and-comers like Reigns, Ziggler or Cesaro b/c them winning only to lose at Summerslam is counter productive, and it couldn’t be a heel b/c Lesnar is a heel so that negated Orton and Del Rio. Sheamus has the other title so Cena is the only logical one left who can carry it, lose and not be affected and whose name makes it a main event type match against Lesnar. Plus there is the Lesnar getting revenge for his first match back loss he took against Cena.

  • kingdook24

    Obviously, the safe picks were to go with Cena or Orton, since as of Summerslam of last year – maybe even longer, The Authority have had the WWE WHC involved in some capacity in their storylines. So this already eliminates Cesaro, Sheamus & Wyatt. Kane is the Authority’s bodyguard so he didn’t even NEED to be in this match – he could have just interfered like he did in the first MITB match. I feel Kane would’ve had MORE of a purpose if he had indeed took the chance with everyone down to go for the straps himself.

    ADR – of course not. Never had a chance in winning this.

    That leaves only Cena, Orton & Reigns. Obviously, as I pointed out, either one of these three men had the best chance to win simply to keep the title in the Authority’s storyline which will inevitably lead back to Daniel Bryan. And now that Cena holds the straps, Cena can further defend Bryan until he’s back and hopefully… HOPEFULLY… we can finally get that rematch of Cena/Bryan II at, respectfully, once again… Summerslam.

    Without any special referees.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      If Kane went for it that would look like he is disobeying The Authority as his instructions were to help Orton, so Kane going for it would just confuse people, and it would just be a waste of time as people knew he wasn’t really contending to gain the titles or himself.

  • Jason

    i found this funny as hell. it was stated over the years that it would of been Triple H to have that goal of passing Ric flairs legendary reign of being a 16 time world champion. and now it appears they are giving the honor to john cena. hmm.. and the outcome was predictable as all hell, Ooo home boy, home field advantage Ooo just like how MITB was in chicago 3 years ago with Cena vs Punk when Punk won that belt just hours before his contract would expire. Argh.. in all honesty if Lesnar does get it, don’t make him lose it at Wrestlemania. It would lose all rub he got at WM 30. Personally i would love a wrestlemania story for WM 31. Taker coming back, doing a similar Tron “Its not over” Promo like it was done with Triple H before he cut his hair. with not letting that be the image of him be remember through the ages. have it like this Taker vs Lesnar part 2 with a stipulation. if Taker Wins that 1 loss he has gets whipped off his record to make it a perfect 22 – 0, if Taker Losses He Must Retire.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Well if the plan is for Brock V Rock, at Wrestlemania, it would be a good place to drop it if any, especially coming off a win over The Undertaker, it would be best if Brocks next loss would be to someone else that is already established as a big name.

      • Jason

        Well from what i remember bac 12 years ago, Brock was undefeated 1 on 1 against the Undertaker. same goes with the rock. because summerslam Brock beat rock for the undisputed championship. so it wouldnt surprise me if Lesnar remains undefeated at wrestlemania now since he beat Taker if thats the case.

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          Na if Lesnar does get the title at Summerslam it’s a long time until Wrestlemania as it is for a part timer that works 5 matches a year, I can’t imagine they keeping a title on Lesnar when they have a perfect opportunity to drop it on the biggest stage of them all.

    • Gary Robert

      I just posted about that Ric Flair title reign number.

  • Tom Mayer


    • Ricky

      No one forced you to watch crybaby.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Considering what John Cena does in and out the ring, it’s obvious will one day be the biggest in WWE history. Only a matter of time really.

  • Gary Robert

    Cena was the only logical choice in terms of story line going forward so Lesnar can now go over him to attain the title and get revenge on his first match loss from back years back, but Cena winning for the 15th time bothers me somewhat. I’m curious if Ric Flair’s record of 16 times is sacred at all in the business. I always considered it the type of record you don’t allow people to attain or break and if it is, then that would mean you never see Cena with the title again (which is fine by me). Any thoughts?

    • Jason

      Cena is going to be “That guy” that would have a legacy of having a new record of having the longest amount of reigns in history. which was Triple H’s honor but i guess the “Torch was passed”

      • Gary Robert

        unless he just never gets strapped again, or they break it up and say he held diff titles etc etc