John Cena Works In London Following Injury Concerns

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World Heavyweight Champion John Cena defended his title against Alberto Del Rio at the WWE live event in London, England on Friday. If he did suffer an injury at Thursday's show in Leeds, it obviously wasn't serious.

We're told Cena really played to the crowd in London and even got a chant to bring Wrestlemania to the city.

  • Tim

    Cena is not allowed to have a injury the writers aren’t good enough for that. Let alone again.

  • Dcm2081

    Was a great show and if cena wrestled that well on tv, you’d hear far less Cena Sucks chants!! He mentioned Wrestlemania (at wembley which could hold about 95000 people!) Cena was really passionate about holding it here!

  • Evalora Judson

    So Super-Cena bumped his little eh-bow and had to cwy? Really? A Why is everyone treating this as a national emergency, when it’s NO BIG DEAL? HAs anyone seen Drew McIntyre’s right arm lately? It is bruised from the high upper bicep into his hand. And what has been said about that? “That mighta hurt”. Really? Then why did Super-Cena come back so early? I’ll answer that, because that fool couldn’t stand the thought or idea of someone else getting attention, without everything in wrestling being all about him, him, him, him, him. Screw him, I hope he suffers a debilitating injury and is forced to retire. As for Drew McIntyre, that kid is GENUINELY trying and not getting 1/100th the respect he deserves.

    • Nostaljack

      As you can see, the wild mark is a dangerous beast – capable of spewing its non-sensical and delusional venom over many screens at one time. Only the most thick-skinned of commenters should ever respond to anything it says. Proceed with the utmost caution.