John Cena's "American Grit" Struggling To Find An Audience

The second episode of John Cena’s “American Grit” garnered 2,170,000 viewers on FOX last Thursday night. This is down (-263,000 viewers) from last week’s disappointing premiere.

Cena has been doing his best to get people interested in the show as not only is he the host in the project not related to WWE but he’s also an executive producer.

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  • “BIG M” Adams.

    What was that about Cena drawing.

    • ClintMurphy

      Its geared toward teens and adults, so no kids

      • Snap

        But he’s this generation’s “Hulk Hogan” and, in that case, should be able to draw with his name alone. Had The Rock been attached to the project, it may have been a different story.

  • Patrick

    not everyone is going to be successfull on a project out side what they normally do. Vince and his football and bodybuilding projects showed that…….. he tried it didn’t work. Vince is best at running a wrestling company. Cena has tried on this show it didn’t work time to move on.

    it’s good to try new things but if it doesn’t work out then time to move on.

  • jbizzle

    I like John Dena but this show is pathetic. They hyped up the show by saying they were gonna have some tough guys like ex-SEALs and they put a woman on there. Then they have men competing against women? Any military vet who did not sit behind a desk will tell you this is BS. So who is this show catering to? Little girls who think they can compete with grown men?

  • Tone

    I just think that kinda show format is 2-3 years late. Most people are over those ‘Survivor’ type shows.