John Cena's Drug Test Results Prior To Wrestlemania XXVIII

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- The following is from the official Twitter account of John Cena:

  • havoc525

    Same John Cena who cancelled a radio interview today? Guess a male audience over 12 years old wasn’t important enough for him to address. Can’t imagine why males who are old enough to make their own decisions dislike him.

    • Matt Scott

      The same John Cena who's just last week done two radio interviews? Do your research before just putting him down. I'm no Cena fan but he doesn't bitch ouot on fans.

  • Ray

    I remember John Cena saying a few years ago in a interview “I can nether confirm nor deny the fact I’ve used steroids”

    • Matt Scott

      Did you actually watch the whole interview? You didn't did you? Now be quiet. Don't believe what CNN or any other news channel feed you. They were also forced to apologise for showing a very VERY edited clip.

    • Abe

      That was doctored footage used by the news company

  • AJG316

    Imagine the results come back and cena actually is using steroids, that would make these comments hilarious

  • Hunter

    If he was tested for HGH, he would fail

  • Aldin94

    Even if Cena failed a drug test i doubt that they would “punish” the top guy.

    • Frank The Tank

      Especially a week before WM

  • Dangerous Lee

    I go to the gym regularly. I know lots of guys who lift weights. I honestly find it very hard to believe cena isn’t using performance enhancers. Especially considering his busy schedule.

  • Matt

    Its not likely that Cena cancelled the interview, but WWE handlers. And you recall incorrectly, that was an edited interview that caused quite a bit of controversy. You tube it.

  • Mike

    Cena has a degree in exercise physiology I find it very hard to believe he's on steriods given that he was almost fired a few years ago for suspisions on the subject