John Cena's Horrifying Lines Nixed From Raw Supershow Repeat Airings

Some of the horrible lines from John Cena's in-ring promo with Chris Jericho on this week's Raw Supershow were removed from repeat airings.

Cena's line where he told Jericho he was going to win "the whole fudgin' thing" in regards to the WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match along with his claim that the majority of WWE's audience is comprised of 9-year-olds were edited off.

Below is an excerpt of the promo as recapped by Kendra Bunyon:

Cena says stop Big Show in the MITBLM and keep him from being Champ? They both know that everyone with the suitcase has always cashed it in to be the Champ. Cena knows it better than anyone, he’s had that suitcase cashed in on him more than once! He figures it’s time to be on the other side of the fence. He hasn’t been Champ in over a year. Come to think of it, at MITB, he’s out to win the whole fudgin’ thing.

Jericho says,”Fudgin’?”

“It’s a PG show, it’s the best I could do,” says Cena.

“What are you, nine?” asks Jericho.

Cena says,”Most of our viewers are about that age.”

  • Jerhicoholic

    Why would they cut that? Funniest thing in the whole promo

    • bejealous

      I’m not sure the Yoda impersonation was pretty funny too lol

    • ceedot

      It undermines the WWE. We know that Cena knows that what he said is true and that audience he pointed out is actually majority of his fans.

  • DanBo7o7

    Horrifying? Yea "fudgin" is soooooooo scary lol

  • Logan_Walker

    maybe they dont want to just appeal to nine year olds & that line was quite bad as in rubbish

  • Liam

    When its says 'more than once' I was trying to remember who cashed it on him other than Edge. Then remembered RVD did but he is the only one to do it ahead of time to give the champ a chance to prepare, would like to think thats what Cena would do if he does win MITB, or anyone else for that matter

  • Bault16

    Why exactly is it horrifying?

  • Hitman310

    I'm sure its because since Cena is a role model to the younger audience even that part of the promo was going over board. WWE doesnt want kids to repeat what they heard and get in trouble because the finger will be pointed at them.

  • Madscotslass

    What’s so “horrifying” about those lines?

    • Alex

      It was corny, but not exactly horrible. The horribleness was the long Star Wars rant he went on before Jericho came out. Still, it seem even WWE realize that made Cena even cornier than he usually is. So I don't blame them for cutting the line out.

  • kbunyon

    As I said in my RAW Is Blogged, that was my favorite part of that segment. It was so relaxed, easy and off the cuff. We all know what they were saying, but I guess VKM didn't like it very much!

    The more the WWE cuts out natural moments like that, the more plastic and unrealistic they become. It goes right back to how horrible Cena's character has become. He's been little more than a caricature of an updated Hogan, and taking away moments like this makes him that much more corny and plastic.


    • Kevin

      I, like you, found that particular part of the entire diatribe to be the most natural and hilarious. Hell, even Jericho and Cena were about to crack up. If you look closely, you can see Jericho barely able to keep a straight face when Cena said "fudgin'", and then seeing Jericho fighting not to laugh almost brought Cena to tears trying not to laugh. Not since the Rock's glory days have we seen such natural ad libbing that was so funny.

  • The Breaker

    When you mentioned that Cena's horrible lines were cut, I thought they might as well go ahead and remove his "Star Wars" promo while they're at it.

    Seriously though…as bad as Cena was during that segment, Jericho was on his game. I loved that he called Cena out on his head-scratching use of the word "fudgin' ". And his response to Vickie telling him to shut up was amazing. But Cena just wasn't using his head when he commented on the age of the viewers. To me it would've been better if he made that remark about his own fans specifically. I don't mind if Cena goes off-script (especially considering how corny the script gets), but thoughtless lines like that are just irritating.

    However, I don't agree on the removal of the lines prior to what Cena said about the viewership age. They definitely gave me a good chuckle.

  • Ranveer

    I suppose then this means it'll be cut from the airing here in India next week?? Good thing I've seen it on youtube already then! :p

    • Eddie

      God bless youtube…. cause wwe doesn’t really consider India as a potential market as they say they do…. The two week delay in the airings is just ridiculous… and also brings down the ratings here as majority of the fans watch it on youtube.

  • HugeRockStar

    Problem with those lines was they make their audience feel stupid watching. If you’re a 15 year old and the show you’re watching comes right out and says the show is for 9 year olds are you gonna continue watching? Bad line by Cena.

    • Stan smith

      Or maybe a line like that will get the bosses to realize its crap and play to older people but if Vince is happy getting kids allowence money instead of paycheck money hey he is the boss

      • eurosario

        Who gives them the allowance anyway

  • @KyleGordon91

    Horrifying!?! it was the only entertaining part of the segment

  • Felix

    Cena wins MITB. Somehow, he faces The Rock at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship.

  • mathew30

    ahhhh, i guess cena isnt immortal after all. even if he did a watered down punk talk stating the blinding obvious. hell i enjoyed it.

  • paulw3000

    Richard, can I ask why you have described the lines in John Cena’s promo as Horrifying… Corny maybe but I think horrifying has been misused here…

    • kbunyon

      That's the point! Richard was being silly about it, sarcastic even! I laughed when I read what was being cut and how Richard handled it. Nice to see Richard's silly side poking out a bit.


      • paulw3000

        Reading Richard’s point below, I do understand the angle he was aiming for I just think maybe shocking or something similar would of been better (in regards to it being shocking that Cena/WWE acknowledge that the product is aimed at kids, not what I’d personally call horrifying).

        Still, interesting read seeing that WWE were embarrased about the line being used, scripted or not…

  • A.C.

    So does this mean that the next time we see Stone Cold Steve Austin he'll say "well,fudge!" instead of "oh h*** yeah!" Just curious.

  • xChristenLynnx

    What's so horrifying about that he is right most of the viewers are little kids. Also what's wrong with fudgin?

  • Richard Gray

    horrifying (present participle of horrify)
    Fill with horror; shock greatly.
    John Cena saying "most" of WWE's viewers are around age 9 filled me with horror and shocked me greatly.

    The fudgin' line was playful, perhaps creative but the line that followed canceled them both to horrifying.

    Either A) It was Cena's failed attempt at a rib to the producers/writers that stress PG or B) He's vastly out-of-touch with what is driving the product.

    Either way, it's horrifying.

    • Rich, can I call you rich? Lol it’s okay to admit you over exaggerated the description of cena’s promo…

  • Evon Reese

    We were all laughing out loud at Cena. It was funny and he was great with Jericho. I didn't see anything horrifying about it. Its clear Cena is not well liked on here but now it's getting ridiculous. It wasn't horrifying and you don't have to be vulgar mouthed to be believed .

  • Darren Poole

    I love’s Jericho’s smug face to the horrible star wars promo. Cena got all over the Rock for not writing his on lines. Cena your a top dog you agreed to that crappy promo. I’m sure someone wrote that for him. I for one am sick of seeing the happy go lucky crappy joking Cena. Here’s how you do it. Have Cena be the leader of a faction. Cena, a monster heel Clay not the non dancing fat clown and Alberto del rio he sure could benefit from being around Cena. The name of the faction. Carnage. Hey the sounds like a great name for a paper view. WWE CARNAGE.

    • Wasnt there a ppv in the attitude era called “capital carnage”?

    • Kevin

      Paper view? Really? REALLY? PAPER VIEW? Really? Dude, it's PAY PER VIEW, as in, you must pay in order to watch, not PAPER VIEW, as in things seen from a piece of paper's point of vision. And I won't even go into all the misspelled words and ill-placed or lack of punctuation in the rest of your diatribe. You really should proofread what you write before you just send it out there for the world to make fun of. YOU'RE WELCOME!

  • Silver

    I don't know where other people are watching their repeat airings, but I saw RAW on Mun2 on Wednesday night and they had this segment in full.

  • Matt

    I cracked up laughing when I heard it, don't know why they'd take out comedy.

  • Jamie

    The "fudging" word didn't bother me at all, its the fact that he called "most of the WWE Universe 9 year olds". Although the Star Wars bit did make me chuckle.

  • I like that promo but they need a tag team match between big show. An Jericho facing the first time ever in the history of the wwe john cena and Kane or a fatal four way between the four to see how could possibly get a headstart in the MITBM for the right to cash it in on the wwe champion and I beat 30,000dollars that cm punk is still champion after.The money in the bank championship match btw.Goatface and punk.Anybody willing to take my challenge on come on now stop being woosy or as I like to call it poosies.2 finger that means I”m done.

    • Carcats

      Half of you people are idots they didn't cut it for the word fudging they cut it because Cena said people who watch WWE are mostly 9 year olds which is untrue according to WWE's coperate. Also there are many old school wrestlers and fans who are insulted by his stupid comment. I could care less i never liked Cena and i never will. Pay attention b4 you comment you sound stupid thinking its for the word fudging

      • kbunyon

        I am an old school wrestling fan who wasn't at all insulted by his 'stupid' comment. I think you're reading too deeply into it and taking it too much at heart. Yes, the majority of Cena's fans are young, and there are a lot of kids who watch wrestling. In all reality, the IWC is a thorn in VKM's side, he cares less about us than he does about the kids who's parents are dishing out huge money to the WWE. The biggest seller of merch is Cena, and most of them are children.

        Before you go attacking people, maybe you should pay attention to all that's being said.