John Cena's Injury & WWE Offering Refunds, Booking Part-Time Talent, How WWE Measures Viewership

I'm attending the Raw live event in Jackson, Tennessee this weekend. I got an email from the venue on Wednesday night saying John Cena would not be there and I could call a number for information regarding a refund. Is it normal for refunds to be offered?

WWE has been offering refunds to weekend live events that advertised John Cena in the main event. While Cena's elbow clean out was an issue he knew he was going to eventually need done, he decided on the time between Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell to do it. This is why it wasn't planned and WWE still advertised Cena for the shows. They have also been offering refunds at the shows themselves through the second match. As for Cena, he doesn't know if he'll be able to work Hell in a Cell which is the reason for Ryback and the fact the pay-per-view main event hasn't been officially announced.

Last year, I agreed with you that putting the Rock over John Cena at Wrestlemania was a bad idea since Cena is the face of the company and The Rock is not a full-time performer. That being said, since WWE is exploring more opportunities to bring back former talent (Rock, Brock, possibly Austin) would you agree that putting The Rock over was a smart move since it shows former stars aren't guaranteed to come back simply to put over the younger guys and that they might actually win their matches?

Hindsight is 20/20 but I might have felt differently about The Rock going over John Cena had I known he was going to work again. For all I knew last year at Wrestlemania XXVIII was going to be Rock's last match and I wasn't sure the kind of message it sent putting him over the face of the company only to go back to filming movies. However, I wish I could explain why WWE brought Brock Lesnar back for millions of dollars yet put him under in his first match back at a B-level show in Extreme Rules. Booking part-time talent is complicated because it poses the issue of how is this going to make us look in the long-term? Unfortunately Vince McMahon doesn't seem to be overly concerned about the long-term and is focused on short-term buy rates. Triple H seems to be thinking more about the company's future as he should be given the fact he'll be calling the shots one day.

You've made comments on the way WWE’s product is consumed and that ties into my question of in the modern world, does WWE take into account those of us that use DVRs to watch their programming? I just finished last week’s Raw and won’t get to see this week’s Raw until later and probably in smaller chunks. That also ties directly into your comments on having to sit through three hours of programming.

DVRs are accounted for later in the week in terms of ratings. However, the measure the company uses for how many people are viewing their programming, are how many people watch the show live. This information is provided by Nielsen Media Research and posted here once we receive it.

Is there any new news on Evan Bourne? How he's doing and return?

Evan Bourne continues to work hard training and undergo physical therapy for his seriously injured foot. He regularly provides updates on his status on his official Twitter account at this link. Bourne's injury is severe in nature and there is no timetable currently available for his return to WWE.

Do the General Managers for Raw and/or Smackdown have any real responsibilities?

No, the General Manager roles are 100% storyline. Everything they do/say is pre-planned by the writers and producers and their only role is to play the character just as an actor would in a movie.

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  • sweeeeeet

    I wonder back when Eric Bischoff was General Manager of RAW if it was 100% storyline haha.

  • ZDF

    I'll also be at the Jackson, TN show. If the person who submitted the question is reading, where are you from? I'm anxious to see how the Ryberg/Punk match goes. I smell a DQ.

    • Dan

      How do you get DQ’d in a HIAC match?

      • windycityassasin

        it will be a no contest not a dq

    • Stoneman

      At the Jonesboro, AR house show, Ryback def. Punk via DQ low blow

  • Nick

    Thinking The Rock would never wrestle again was naive to assume tbh because I see how it is…when The Rock started out in Hollywood as a full time actor he still had that shadow over himself about being a wrestler and as we all know, it is very hard to take a wrestler serious as a bonified actor. I never took Hogan seriously, I never took Goldberg seriously, I’m still struggling to take Austin seriously because in every movie he does its basically the same thing, he’s either a tough badass good guy or a tough badass bad guy. One dimentional would be the word. Don’t get me wrong I love Austin and he’s one hell of a talent but I’m just saying I’m struggling to take him seriously. John Cena is another guy ill never take seriously as an actor. But The Rock he basically had to cut off all communication from wrestling and basically erase the fact he was ever a wrestler in order for ppl to take him serious. Now that he is a legit movie star he can come back and do a bit of wrestling because his career as an actor is set. Nothing can ever damage it, so yeah I knew he would come back for another match. I see him wrestling more times in the future.

  • Adam “Swipe”

    They’re still advertising Cena v. Punk for the title next week on Raw 10/15(dark match, of course) here in Nashville. Lol. They even used footage from after his surgery to promote it on TV. What’s that say about WWE?

  • Maxx Stylez

    Do you have to leave if you take a refund? I’m attending in Jonesboro AR tonight

    • Yes. They aren’t going to give you your money back and allow you to stay for the show.

      • Maxx Stylez

        Thanks Richard I figured as much. The only ticket I’m worried about is my 5 year old sons because in his eyes it is the John Cena Show. Will have a report for you afterwards!

  • outkazt09

    Music city miracle OOOOHHHHH YEAHHHHH

  • Thumpa

    Richard if you get time I sent an email about Hunico, cheers!

  • Keir

    “Excuse me sir, John cena will not be on tonight’s show, would you like a refund?”

    “If I pay double any chance he won’t be on the next show I go to?”

  • Sovikos

    Are the General Managers ‘real’? Is that seriously a question that needs to be asked on a IWC website? People need to learn that not everything they see in wrestling is real. Did they not just read about the “writing” staff changes? What do they think they write? The signs for the fans????