More On John Cena's Left Knee Injury Suffered At Raw

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WWE gave a further injury update on John Cena's left knee on the premiere episode of Backstage Pass on the WWE Network. They went back and rolled footage from Raw after the injury occurred where Cena told Dr. Chris Amann he couldn't put weight on the knee.

In an interview on Backstage Pass, Amann said that Cena was "refusing an MRI" but had been taken to a local medical facility for further evaluation.

Below is an update they ran on the WWE App as Tweeted by Chris Amann:

  • Michael

    The leg was the opposite leg when they wheeled him out. Its a work.

    • devanshkotak

      it was the left one. they had kept it straight.

      • Michael

        I noticed it later. Knowing the work ethic on this guy he won’t miss mania.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Just get him back to the healing chamber in his fortress of solitude – he’ll be back on Raw next week no problem