John Cena's Net Worth Revealed; Wife Reportedly Seeking Monster Settlement In Divorce

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The Miami Herald mentioned today in an article covering John Cena's divorce that he is worth over $18 million. According to their piece, Cena's soon-to-be-ex-wife Liz Huberdeau is seeking for a result similar to what Linda Hogan got in her divorce which was allegedly 70% of Hulk Hogan's assets.

Cena and Huberdeau have a prenup that is said to include the ability to take back all gifts and presents.

  • AJG316

    I just did the math on a calculator and if those numbers r correct then Liz is trying to get 12.6 million out of cena.

  • Anand

    Wow!!! 70% of their Assets? Isnt this a bit unfair? A hefty alimony for their maintenance sounds reasonable considering the fact that these guys are famous personalities. But, just because she was married to Cena doesnt mean that shey can claim 70% of his hard earned assets? he got his rear-side kicked day in and day out in the WWE to earn this money and she gets away with 70% of it?

    PS: Am not chauvinistic. Am just curious as to how such a gross injustice to men is allowed by the Law 🙁

    • Kris Hardy

      That's why when you are about to get married, you don't get married in a state that would get your "could-be" ex 70% of your money.

    • Ashley

      As a woman, i think it is ridiculous that they can get 70% of their assests. And after less than 3 years of marriage, certainly not. Thank god they didnt have kids or else she'd be asking for $50,000 a month in child support

  • Howard Stern

    Shes just gonna end up ruining her own life with all the backlash she's about to get. Why on earth would you follow Linda Hogan's lead?

  • George

    And that pretty much confirms why Cena wants the divorce. She's another gold digger aka Linda…

  • Monty

    In this country women are treated as better than men yet they claim that they don’t have rights. Why does she think she deserve 70%? I hope she doesn’t get more than 10-15%. 1st these girls say I love you than when they see you have a lot of money it’s time to say goodbye abd oh yeh I deserve 70% of what you got. Sad this system needs to change. Women in this country don’t really have to work if they have 3-4 kids they get enough money from their so called lovers and rest for government

  • Monty

    And Linda hogan is a bitch

  • Daarko

    The prenup is fortunately in Cenas favor, I read that somewhere at least, so she will have slim chances to rip him off. He should adjust her attitude 🙂

  • Chopper

    Asking for that sort of cash she should be the one in the ring facing lesner.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Not that I'm a fan of Cena, but 70%? He busted his a** day-in and day-out in WWE only for his wife to get 70% of his hard earned money? What's with the law nowadays? I'm all for Cena in this. That woman surely didn't deserve any penny from Cena.

  • G Ilyas

    What a shame!! US laws about divorce seem as unfair to men as they to women in my country!!

  • Tony Stark

    This is what happens when you make out with Eve on live tv.

  • steve2

    How else can she afford to get a new 18 yr old boyfriend and finance a reality show?

    Cena's lucky he didn't have any kids with her.

  • Robert olley

    70% is way too much if she cared about him at all she would take a maintenance but then again what’s stopping her getting a job and looking after herself?

  • billy

    gold digger. they dont even have kids what she need all that money

  • Aldin94

    Kanya West said it best "Gold Digga"

  • Kevin

    Ok, let's be fair. First, there is a prenup in place. If it's worded properly, lawyers were present during the signing, and Cena didn't violate any of the stipulations in the prenup, it should hold water and prevent her from getting anything other than what is in the prenup. Secondly (and probably this should have been first), we don't know why Cena has asked for a divorce. According to her lawyer, he "blindsided" her with it. Does he have another girl already lined up, or did he catch her with another guy (or perhaps another girl)? And third, I believe that when a marriage breaks up, each party should be allowed to take with them what they brought with them into the marriage, and any and all assets gained during the marriage should be split 50-50. Even if only one party worked during the entire marriage, everything gets split in 2.

    • matts1journal

      What is fair about getting 50% of the money he earned? bah… hahaha.

  • Luvlee77

    i have watched wrestling since i was a kid.. i never heard of a Liz Cena.. seen her in a match.. take an elbow.. a leg drop.. a drop kick.. nothing.. and she wants what??? SHYTTTTTT get a job.. and here is the sad part.. she will want alimony.. for what? GTFOH..

  • Lost SouL

    Cena should take some time off, and be replaced by Tyson Kidd

  • Anjana

    John cena very popular not only in US but also in whole world

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