John Cena's Ring Gear, Crimson In TNA, WWE Profiled Behind-The-Scenes, Brock Lesnar's Next Match

Why does WWE change John Cena's ring gear so often?

The short answer is it sells. Every time WWE introduces a new John Cena t-shirt design or color, take a moment to scan the audience. You'll see it all over the arena and this is the reason WWE refuses to touch his character.

What has happened with Crimson in TNA?

Crimson is still under contract with TNA Wrestling, working in Ohio Valley Wrestling (TNA's official developmental territory) and occasional live events. TNA spent a lot of time building him up as a dominant superstar, giving him a 470-day undefeated streak only to end it and send him to developmental. I can't explain the logic other than they wanted him to get seasoned, as he is the current OVW Heavyweight Champion.

Do you think that Vince McMahon would do a show like Hard Knocks for the WWE? Now that its called entertainment and most watchers know its not real, then why not pulled curtain back and show us fans how the day-to-day operation works.

When I first read this question I immediately recalled "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's interview on HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" in 2003 where he made controversial remarks that led to WWE ceasing to use him. Vince has generally welcomed documentary type shows to follow WWE so I don't see why he wouldn't welcome the publicity. Vince would make sure viewers only saw what he wanted them to see but I don't see him shying away from publicity as long as it's not negative in nature.

Is there any chance Brock Lesnar works another match before the end of the year?

I was told right after SummerSlam it was likely that Brock Lesnar would work Survivor Series in November but I have heard little since. Lesnar still has plenty of dates on his WWE contract and given The Rock is confirmed for Royal Rumble, it seems likely to happen. With that being said I do not have any new information on a possible opponent.

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  • Mark3man

    How much say did Vince have on beyond the mat? That was the closest I’ve ever seen to pulling back the curtain.

  • XKonn247

    I often see the crowd as a spoiler when Cena debuts a new shirt! Also, can you elaborate on the “controversial” comments?

    • Hillbilly Jim

      Wow can’t wait I see the pink “elbow wraps” they will sell tonight!!!!

    • Richard Gray

      Piper said something about using cocaine to keep going as an in-ring performer

      • Wainwright

        Thank you for answering that, I was wondering myself.

      • Anand

        Wouldnt cocaine impair a persons ability to make decisions or move properly? Would an athlete who has to perform such a strenuous sport be affected by using such a drug?

        Just curious 🙂

  • May

    they should have a Rock vs Brock match… That would be epic 😀

    • Jamie

      Would they be able too considering they are both part time? I would have thought it would be difficult to build.

      • SRP

        Rock was on tv quite a bit leading up to his match with Cena. I don’t see why he can’t do that again.

      • Joe

        Actually for them it will be easy rock on twitter and Brock touts them

        • Sjenttivensventa

          Lol nice

  • Jashaun

    I think cena is the type of guy no matter what he is heel or face he will still get a lot of pop and he would still sell stuff.

  • Bishop

    The one problem with the merchandise sales for Cena if he was to turn heel, it would lose out in the children's demographic….which they target. It's a double-edged sword on turning him heel as it would go over well with the 16+ male demographic, but would kill the multi-million in sales he brings in on merchandise. You won't see a crowd of 16+ wearing Cena shirts if he was to turn heel.