John Laurinaitis "Fired" After Big Show vs. John Cena At WWE No Way Out

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As the storyline goes, John Laurinaitis was "fired" from WWE at No Way Out per John Cena's victory over Big Show in their steel cage match. Following the finish, Mr. McMahon made the "termination" official.

  • Evo

    This No Way Out was very Boring!

  • Ralphus

    They ruined a perfectly good storyline!! Big Johnny was the biggest heel in the company!!!

    • James M>>>

      I believe Johnny is a horrible character and can’t pull off the kayfabe actor he is trying to play. Awful

  • Bill


  • Jeff

    Soooo new gm rumors??

  • Ricky Valdez

    Damm lol because of directv having technical difficulties i misse John laurinitis getting fired. I was looking forward to it on raw until big show came out and interrupted Vince from firing laurinitis.

  • Monty

    How is it when there is someone who wwe builds as a monster aka Kane or big show they end up loosing to cena right away. I like cena unlike many but wwe should make him look a bit Warner sometimes against these super heavy weights.

    Big Johnny gone now that's what you call good tv can't wait to wach raw tomorrow but I have a feeling he will come back and say he has the support of wwe board of directors or something like that

  • stoney

    YES YES YES YES YES !!!!!!!!

  • Dave


  • Pizzaman

    Yah boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Big Johnny your Fired!! YES! YES! YES!

  • Blake

    So hell yea he is not GM anymore but does that mean he “isn’t” president of t and r teddy long should be the GM

  • Chuck

    What is with the red suit? I mean really like what is he thinking?? I think they dropped the ball again with big show.. The finish could have been show choke slams Cena off the top of the cage through the table and lands on the floor making show a monster and firing Johnny at same time plus creating a lot of buzz for wwe today…

    • H.M.

      Why do fans always find reasons to complain? It wasn't booked horribly either. It took 5 guys to help Cena take out Show. For the first time Cena NEEDED help from the outside. Pretty sure Show will have something to say about this.

      The red suit was horrid, but I think they did that on purpose.

      And there's still plenty of buzz. I for one hope Johnny is legitimately gone from a 'GM' position on Raw. He irritates me.

  • Evon Reese

    Loved most of the PPV. They needed AJ to come in earlier because that match got boring and was not surprised Punk won. I like Kane and Aj together. I also liked Vince being there and Interacting with the Cena and Big Show match. I really don't like Laurinitis and I am glad he is gone. He's not a heel like Vicky he's just pathetic and made me want to turn the tv off. I would like to see more out of the Divas. Beth is great. I loved it when she held Layla up above her head but the match was not a great one. I want to see Karma and Beth or Natalya and Beth would be great. At least they can wrestle and not have to fill the match up with stupidity. I was surprised because overall it was a great show and I am looking forward to seeing Triple H and Lesner.

  • JasonGaza

    too good to be true

  • Ezyt

    Go cena whoop whoop, x x x x

  • Logan_Walker

    This is another Big Show Hiring GAF… How & When did he make the 3 On 1 Match ? No One Must Of Heard him ….