John Laurinaitis Gains "Control" Over Both Raw & Smackdown

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As the storyline goes, John Laurinaitis has "control" of both Raw and Smackdown after his 6-man team beat the 6-man team of Teddy Long at Wrestlemania XXVIII. The finish saw The Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Zack Ryder followed by the pinball.

After the match, Eve delivered a low blow to Zack Ryder.

Wrestlemania 28 Results

  • Russell

    I knew team Johnny was going to win though I have a major major amount of respect for Teddy long. He's been in the wrestling industry longer than I even know. I hope Teddy still gets tv time he earns it.

  • johnnystinks

    This sucks. Johnny is as entertaining as watching paint dry. a good reason to watch more roh AND tna

  • sharky1992

    this little feud will continue yet…team teddy will get revenge!

  • stoney

    John Laurinaitis is like the Michael Cole of this year

    • smoothjj7

      both no talent, and make the company worse off. But johnny started doing that last year.

    • Alex

      I wouldn't go so far. The difference between Cole & Laurinatitis (and every other heel) is that you don't see the other heels as much during the night. Cole is there the entire time which is what makes it unbearable. You get 4 hours of nonstop cole during the week. 8-9 hours if it's a ppv week like this week is. That's what makes Cole worst than everyone else.

    • Logan_Walker

      I Have to Disagree With That, Yes Micheal Cole was annoying but he changed at for some reason i like him as a announcer Just Give Johhny a Chance because we all know that he is not going anywhere anytime soon

  • Alex

    The moment Zack Ryder was announced for the match I knew he'd be the one to cost them the match. Cause he's just an idiot when it pertains to Eve.

    • Candice

      well i disagree because even though that is true wwe is scripted which means he has to do that or else he'll get fired i mean come if wwe scripted do u actually think teddy long would let laurinitus get all the good players and leave himself with shitty players except for booker t. i don't think so

  • Joe O.

    I just don’t get how “Mr. Excitement” goes from almost being fired by Triple H to “controlling” both brands?!

  • Dojo

    Could not give a flying ****!!!!!!!!!

  • Wes

    Why is eve seem to be getting a bigger push the male talent who will actually put on descent matches, this is y buy rates are doen

  • Patrick_Peralta

    between the Daniel Bryan / Sheamus 18 second desastor match.. now boring Johnny is gm of both shows…. Bad enough I watch WWE with mute button Turned on to not listen to Cole but now I'm fast forwarding thru Raw and Smackdown when ever Big Johnny is on screen.

    I'm sick of Heel Gm's Team Teddy should have won. Johnny Should go back to the office where he belongs.

    I've just had it with all the WWE BS.

  • Ken

    Oh, I think we all know where this is going; Johnny's gonna go around making empty to the fan, gonna reward his lackies while punishing everyone else, and then my "favorite" part, he's gonna get drunk with WAY TOO MUCH power and start firing people left and right just because he can.

    Then VinnieMac is come along and Johnny gonna try to justify his action in vain, and VinnieMac gonna fire him to prove he's the boss. It's inevitable and, unfortunately, pathetically predictable. Either way, we still gotta listen to Michael Cole. Just you watch.

    • MonstaHeel 450

      To be continued @ SUMMERSLAM. Stay tuned……

  • Judy

    Sorry team Johnny won. Sets a bad example for a company that pushes non bullying. John Lauranitis is dry and dull and BORING. This was the wrong way to go with bad leading both shows. To bad we can't ever have good balanced shows with good winning once in a while. But wouldn't it be funny if the "Board" declared Teddy the new Vice President of Talent Relations as John will now be busy with both Raw and Smackdown? Just a thought.

  • jerry

    team johnnyn yes,yes,Yes