John Layfield Apologizes To Bully Ray & Devon For Comment Made On Smackdown

John "Bradshaw" Layfield issued an apology to Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley after a comment he made on commentary on last week's Smackdown. Below is the apology that was posted on Layfield's Facebook page:

Anytime you do a ton of tv every week you are bound to make mistakes. I made one this past week on Smackdown and tried to correct it on air but wasn't able to get it done sufficiently, so I want to apologize to my good friends the Dudleys openly-and to all you twitter police so you can get out of Momma's basement and enjoy the weekend.

I was trying to make the point that a lot of tag teams never make it, or try to make it, as singles wrestlers and listed the Killer Bees, LOD and Dudley's (and I think Hart Foundation). Sometimes on air you try to go somewhere entertaining and you get caught and try to correct it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

I realized as soon as I said it that both the Dudley's and Hart Foundation had become huge singles stars-I was thinking about my time in WWE where Dudley's had been mainly just a tag team-and one of greatest of all time in what I think was greatest era of tag teams in history when you had Edge/Christian, NAO, DX, Dudley's, APA, LOD, Hardy's and more all at the same time.

Bubba and Devon have been good friends for a long time and I have the utmost respect and love for them, if I had made the mistake on someone else-I would just chalk it up to live TV and not worry about it. But, these guys are good friends and with the Twitter police loving to correct me I thought I would just make it public and explain how it happened.

What I hate more than anything is this becoming an issue and taking away from great work in the ring, as my job is to do my best to tell stories about talent in an attempt to help them get over.

Believe me, it won't be the last time I make a mistake, I fire stuff out rapidly sometimes with references I don't plan on making as a way to try and be entertaining and react to the events in front of me.

However, the Dudley's first day with the APA Bubba hit me so hard with a 2x4 that I owed him a receipt anyway!!!

Click here to read Layfield's apology in its original format.

  • Win

    The Kevin Nash method strikes again…Wasn’t JBL just apologizing for insulting the Colons a few months back, now the Dudleys and the Hart Foundation. I thought Bret Hart found singles success after his tag-team run. I must’ve been seeing things. I guess he was “working” the crowd again!

    • Cody Zeller

      How’s the view up there on your high horse?

      • Win

        It provides a lot more over site then the small village your stuck in.

        • Cody Zeller

          People have spoken

          • Win

            Yes they have. And now we know with certainty, why Vince doesn’t listen!!! Checkmate!

  • ‘Stop talking about black helicopters and conspiracy theories, Michael’. Grrrrr, he annoys me to death.

  • Dermot

    To be fair to him, It does happen. It’s easy to shoot off at the time without thinking, and to be honest Im not his biggest fan. But that’s IMO.

  • Dangerous Lee

    JBL fears the 3D.

  • Chris

    I love how certain people are dying to have someone back and suddenly hate then upon return. JBL is a hell of a talent, under rated in many ways, and one of the better talkers in recent years. Let’s see any of the naysayers go out and deliver live commentary for 3 hours on Monday nights, do a 2 hour taped commentary, and do 4 hours on PPV’s without making a thousand mistakes and sounding moronic, much less just an occasional slip up now and again. Must be a lot of Marc Mero fans out there.

    • Snap

      I don’t watch SmackDown often, not because it is a bad show but because it doesn’t have the best time slot. The only real thing about JBL’s commentary which has bugged me has been the “This is why we’re the A show!” stuff. It doesn’t add anything and it’s not entertaining, much like that horrid chortling the announcers tend to do in the so-called “comedy” segments.

      All in all, JBL has certainly helped to improve them commentary since his return. I don’t pay attention to Twitter and whatnot, but is he actually getting “hate” or are people just nitpicking flubs? There’s a difference as one is meant in a malicious way while the other is not.

      • Chris

        I haven’t personally read it, but knowing twitter it’s probably the nerds sitting in their mom’s basement (as he said) that know EVERYTHING and are better at commentary (in their own imagination) than even JR. I miss Smackdown a lot, because I’m at work those nights, but I’m very happy to have JBL back because they man is talented, just wish he were able to play a heel more than the Lawler good guy gimmick.

  • Jimmy

    I don’t care what he says, JBL is the best heel commentator and is extremely entertaining on commentary. I would sure as hell rather have him be there then have Cole go heel again

  • Michael

    I don’t see what the big deal was,wwe doesn’t give credit to anybody that isn’t apart of wwe. Do you see them saying that Truth is a former two time world champion no. Do they even mention Christian was in Tna no. I don’t think that Devon is that huge of a singles wrestler he’s the TV champion that belt isn’t important. Bully is getting there if they scrap him with the world title then he’ll be huge. But I don’t get why Bradshaw apologized, because it’s wrestling you don’t acknowledge the other company.

    • Jimmy

      I don’t even see it as whether he’s right or wrong. It was his opinion and i don’t think he should apologize for speaking his opinion because he’s entitled to it. There was no need for him to apologize.