John Layfield Apologizes To The Colon Family For Comments Made On WWE Raw

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John Layfield has a new blog entry online on his Facebook page where he discusses playing a heel commentator on this week's WWE Raw. He apologizes for offending the Colon family. Below is an excerpt:

I went to Primo and Epico and made sure I had their title history as well as their father Carlo Colon's, so I could try and help them in a very short match with Ryback.

I quoted their history, did my best to put them over and then made a comment with something to the effect of 'Primo comes from a great heritage his father was a 24 time Puerto Rico champion'. I added, 'he still owes me money... and many others'. I'm a heel.

However, apparently I have offended Mr Colon and/or the wrestling community/office in Puerto Rico. This was never intended, there was no malice. I was trying to entertain--and put his kids over by listing their histories.

So my apologies to Mr Colon, Primo and Epicco, and any of the other wrestling community in Puerto Rico that are now upset.

I had assumed they would know that I was merely trying my best to do my job and no malice was intended-that is obviously not the case, please understand my only intention was to entertain.

Click here to read the blog in its entirety.

  • This must be apology week for the WWE…

    • Ranfery25

      Lmao! Right!

  • Livhay

    Nothing wrong there !

  • Anand

    What is happening these days? Why are people getting offended for statements made by Heels on a scripted show? Doesnt someone who has been in the wrestling business know that things like this happen?

    Poor JBL. He was jus trying to do his job.

  • PFElton

    Another case of people who shouldn't be Marking Out, Marking Out.

    "Classie" Freddie Blassie had more assassination attempts than Adolf Hitler for doing his job and being a heel.

    Get over it.

    • Nick b

      Woa! Okay no need to talk about hitler! I want an apology! You Have deeply offended me!

  • Dave Barton

    I think JBL is afraid of getting Brody'd…

    • dave c

      please don't make light of that incident, it was a terrible travesty of justice

  • Wwe4L76

    Wwe = kids show

  • Lloyd clarke

    When did wrestling get so touchy?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kevin

    I thought it was funny ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Patrick Peralta

    I am suprised the Carlo Colon family felt so insulted by what JBL said. Carlo's has been in the bussiness fo a very long time and should know how heels act and JBL didn't mean to offend anyone as he stated he was trying to entertain and put his kids over.

    • Sam The Man

      Maybe because what JBL said was true that it offend the Carlos Colon?

  • Bogusstang

    PEOPLE ,THIS iS WRESTLING!!!!!! WHATS GOING ON HERE? Whats next. Complaining about a trophy being broken or a bounty. Or god forbid someone being jumped from behind!!!!!!!

  • Bogusstang

    What. A promoter owing a wrestler money. I never heard of that! Y doesnt he get david otunga to sue him

  • bluefunk72

    He was probably telling the truth! Smh

  • SRP

    If every heel had to apologize for offensive remarks, that would be all we’d ever hear.

  • Jasterkast

    What JBL said was the truth! The Murder of Bruiser Brody under that promotion in Puerto Rico still leaves a bad taste.

  • _JIM_

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Colon really did owe JBL money still. Wouldn’t be the first shady or highly illegal thing to go down at a Puerto Rican wrestling show. Just ask Bruiser Brody’s friends and family about that. There are still quite a lot of American wrestlers that refuse to work down there because of what happened to Brody.

  • Rosie

    Really? JBL was playing a role. Get over it. WWE (and their talent) need to stop apologizing for this shit. The more they apologize, the more they'll have to.