John Morrison Added To WWE Alumni

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John Morrison's contract has officially expired, so his roster profile on the official WWE website has been moved to the Alumni section.

Click here to view Morrison's Alumnus profile.

  • H.M.


  • Matt Scott

    Lots of people ate defending him with the twitter hash tag saveJohnMorrison but honestly I think them people are disillusioned. They honestly expected WWE to treat a guy who was blatant about leaving WWE with the same level of respect as a main event talent who is loyal to the brand. Good riddence. He will also be proof; be as talented as hell, but if a whiney, disrespectful douche backstage you won't get no where.

  • Brandon Ceielo

    I hope whatever he does next will make him happy. I'd be happy if he returned though lol.

  • Paul W

    that's a little quick… and if he is going to.TNA they wouldn't put him on there, that coupled with laurinitus' comments… Am I reading too much into this

  • @RatedMKD

    At last year's TLC PPV, Morrison beat Sheamus in a great ladder match to become the #1 contender for the WWE Title. I can only speak for myself, but I certainly never would've predicted his WWE career would turn out like this within a year!

  • Kobe

    I'm I the only one who thinks Morrison has secretly resigned? I hope so.

  • Victor

    Morrison sucks he hasnt done anything big the whole time he was in the WWE he mine as well go to TNA he sucks

    • Jeff

      I hate to disagree with you but Morrison has everything it takes to be a WWE superstar if anything maybe his attitude sux but it's not his talent. I think it's a shame he's gone and some no talent like Zach Ryder get's any tv time what so ever the only thing he's go for is a break to do anything you may need to do while the show is on.

  • Kevin

    John Morrison was an excellent wrestler. I hated to see MNM get broken up. I'm a big proponent of tag team wrestling. I miss the days of the Head Hunters, the Road Warriors, the Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian. I thought with MNM that WWE was bringing back tag teams. But even as a singles wrestler he was good. I hated to see them let his last match end the way it did. I get that they couldn't let him win; even a Shawn Michaels can't be allowed to win his final match (athough they may let The Undertaker win his final match, but I digress.) But to have him taken out like that, without even giving him a chance to tell the fans goodbye. That really sucked. However, if he really was such a pain backstage, then perhaps he got what he deserved. I also understand the politics involved in professional wrestling.

  • rrr

    Morrison is an awesome wrestler anyone who thinks different is probably a John Cena fan. Which means they don’t shit about wrestling. Morrison go to TNA and wrestle AJ Styles and show all the haters why they should be jealous.

  • jeff

    I agree totally with rrr Morrison is a great talent I think it's a shame he is gone WWE has lost alot of main eventers over the past few yrs that can not be replaced, Most of the new talent just doesn't measure up & I think the show is suffering. It's beyond me why Zach Ryder even has a contract and they wouldn't try to keep some one like Morrison. I hope he goes to Impact as well if WWE doesn't see what he has to offer he and Hardy could have some great matches.