John Morrison Explains His Future Plans In Wrestling

John Morrison has posted the following video on his YouTube channel, in which he discusses his future plans in the professional wrestling business. He mentions the possibility of going to TNA, Japan, or back to WWE to wrestle, but reveals that his current plans are to take a break and heal in order to give him a longer future in the business. The video is embedded below:

  • H.M.

    I hope he comes back to the WWE after resting/taking his break.

  • @RatedMKD

    The best thing he could do now is probably take acting lessons. Bit of comedy/improv too. Then maybe try develop his in-ring repertoire a bit more, throw in some more ground-based believable offense. Something that's not going to look a bit silly after his legs have been worked over for ten minutes. Something that's not going to take as much of a physical toll on him. Something that he can slowly adapt and switch his focus to as the years progress.

    • Andy S

      and ditch the b*tch also.

      • George

        Amen, Andy

    • Blazeking

      Heel morrison was way better than face morrison imo.

    • Vin Sidious

      Morrison HAS "ground-based believable offense" when he is allowed to use it. Go back and watch his stuff from 2009 on Smackdown – his matches against Punk, in particular, and Rey Mysterio.

      • @RatedMKD

        I'm gonna go out on a limb and chalk that up to his opponents. I say go back to his Survivor Series 2010 match against Sheamus. Great match, thoroughly enjoyed it, but the finish was a bit silly. Sheamus spent the entire bout working on Morrison's legs, even using moves I'd never seen him use before. Morrison then went on to win with his springboard roundhouse kick and running knee combination. Aside from his mic skills (or lack thereof), that's the sorta thing that bothered me about JoMo.

  • Jason h

    Maybe in a year or so when the mix is champion again, he can make a surprise come back, being bigger, better and stronger. He needs more muscle to be a believable threat ..

  • Jason h

    Miz* stupid autocorrect

  • Whammaster

    im surprised because im pretty sure that Melina is pushing hard for him to go to TNA with her.

  • Beachy95

    I hope he goes to wwe tna is trash

  • Chowdah

    Only issue I had with JoMo was his lack of mic skills..If he really improves that, he WILL be that superstar he wants to be..

  • Larry Hendry

    JOMO is not the full package, hate to say it but I always found his charecter kind of corny, it’s a shame because he was a very entertaining in-ring worker

  • Larry Hendry

    P.S I think he struggled as a face, he made a much better heal

  • larry

    guys he was good as a heel, because u can say what u want as a heel he was good. He is not a face, charater wise, but vince screwed him up, by turning him and then leaving him face. If u dont believe in what u are doing then, it will come off that way. I think morrison didnt want to be a face, cause his char became like all wwe faces, squeaky clean and smiling all the time, not able to say what u want, instead u get some corny lines from the creative team and go out there in front of the world and say them is hard if u dont believe in them. Cena is corny he can read the stuff they tell him too because he believe's in char and the product, Morrsion didnt.

    • Tom

      It’s easier for Cena to believe in the character when he’s making those paychecks

  • Darla

    Honestly I thought they should have made Morrison an "in=between" character like HHH or sometimes Austin was. He was fairly sharp-witted as a heel IMO, but the face character was too generic. A middle ground would have been perfect for him. WWE needs to go back to a "something for everyone" mentality so that all their characters wouldn't be soooo similar in persona. Morrison is the best "heart-throb" character out there right now, and if they would let him use that sharp wit for some jabs to the other side now and then, I think he would be quite interesting. I have always been partial to the high flyers like Hardy, Mysterio, young HBK, so Morrison was always a favorite of mine. He also needs to draw a line in the sand between his personal and professional lives. As much as I enjoy Melina's in-ring work (and I like her very much), it's obvious she was a pain to deal with professionally which sabotaged her career AND John's IMO. He needs to rectify that situation before he goes to ANY organization.

  • Ilyas

    John Morrison should get to be a better actor,get more mussles,look cooler,and look younger.Then he will be the superstar he wants to be.

  • Wonder if he will come back as a heel while Miz and Truth are in a bout. Then JoMo can come back at Extereme Rules in an steel cage match against Miz and Truth(the same match kind truth cost JoMo the WHC, and the one that Miz lost to cena in). Miz then comes out victorious. This can then lead to all three assaulting each other in the next few weeks. Then at the next paper view it can be a fatel four way match for the wwe championship(the champ could destroy his opponent to the point of months out the week before). The match will have JoMo, Miz, Truth, and Big Show. 
    During the middle of the match Miz almost gets assaulted with a chair(outside of ring) by JoMo but gets it punched out of his hand by Show. JoMo stares at Show in shock. Miz then runs into JoMo while pushing him. Show and Miz then attack JoMo. Truth comes in and knocks Show to the ground with a chair. Then Truth gets destroyed by Miz. JoMo comes back but quickly gets knocked to the ground. The fight then leads into the ring. The fight leads on until both superstars cloths-line each other at the same time. Both are out cold. JoMo then climbs slowly into the ring and puts his hand over the Miz for a pin.
    The next Monday, the wrestler that  Show hurt returns. Show faces him in the main event, in a no DQ match with JoMo as Geust referee. Show losses this match. Right after that, Miz comes out to attack The opponent. About 1 minute into the fight, Show gets up and helps Miz. Four minutes later raw ends with no clear winner, but bodies on the floor. Next Monday Raw is geust hosted by the SD GM. The opponent finds the SD GM and uses vicious violence to convince him to go against JoMo in a lumberjack match for the wwe title with Show, Miz, and Truth as the people at ringside. Opponent gets a clean win even though JoMo does not fight clean. After the lumberjack match, Miz, Show, Truth, and JoMo attack the new wwe champ. The Guest host of raw then comes out and puts a wwe champ title ban on JoMo, Miz, Truth, and Show. He then says next week on Monday night raw will be a tournament for the wwe championship #1 contender position. 
    Next Monday Punk is the #1 contender.  The four wrestlers(truth, Miz, etc) look else where for a title shot and see the tag team championship beeping held by Kofi and Evan. The raw gm says that Miz and Show can verse JoMo and Truth for the #1 contenders for the tag team belts. All four are unsure if this is a good idea but do so anyway cuz this is their only chance at a title on raw. Miz and Show win. They go on and get the tag team belts at the paper view. ShowMiz then is challenged by heel MoreTruth. 
    The belts switch hands and MoreTruth splits up. Then AirBoom comes and gets it back. Then it’s up in the air.

    THIS IS JUST A POSIBILITY THAT COULD HAPPEN. Sorry if I made a mistake when typing

    • Jason from Australia


    • Juice Bronson

      But you really didn't dwell on it much, I see. And what's with all the posts about Cody's knees or something?