John Morrison Impersonates Triple H & The Undertaker In Battle Rap Video

John Morrison has recorded a battle rap in which he impersonates Triple H & The Undertaker before their upcoming match at WrestleMania XXVIII. The video is embedded below:

  • Chris Copeland

    I remember seeing an article on here about a week ago saying "John Morrison says he's welcome back anytime" Yeah.. I doubt it now. Oh JoMo will you ever learn?

    • John

      I’m pretty sure he cleared with wwe before posting this. If he didn’t he’s gonna find himself doing THE WRESTLE-ROCK RUMBLE!

  • Orion

    Lol too funny.

  • Chris

    Now that needs to be aired in raw!

  • WNW Fan

    It is funny but be careful which bridge you start to burn cause you might not can put the flames out in time before its too late.

  • Eagle

    I liked it! =P

  • Ricky Valdez

    John morison you have to much time on your hands.

  • Moist Farts Stink!!

    this was better than RAW last night!!!!

  • Bertie

    That is amazing! I wish he had been allowed to show that much charisma in wwe.

  • Abe

    He left out the part where batista banged his girlfriend

    • jdl

      Plus another third of the roster.

    • smartmark88

      Nice one lls

  • elizawilso

    This was a wonderfully funny rap. His deep voice is very sexy. John Morrison has always been a great impersonator. I hope they do show this on Raw as it will liven up the show.

  • jdl

    Wow, uh, that was terrible. Proof positive that not only does Morrison have no promo cutting ability, but no understanding of comedy either. I was hoping he'd work on that during his time away from the industry, so hopefully this is the first step towards that, however, this is not a step in the right direction.

    • Alex

      You wouldn’t know charisma if Christian came out your ass..felt like I needed to use a wrestling reference and I feel it worked great lol

      • jdl

        Putting on costumes and doing inaccurate parodies of Triple H and Undertaker while spewing out the most obvious jokes you can get out of them is not charisma. He didn't even change his voice, and he presented absolutely nothing unique or original. Plus, he has to rely on outlandish, failed attempts at being funny to get his point across. The fact that he's a wrestler shouldn't require us to lower our standards, if an actual comedian made this we'd all be bashing him due to how low quality, uninspired and humorless it is.

        • Eliza Wilson

          Jealousy is a curse.

      • James Mitchell

        I feel you feel more than you feel, feel me?

  • Andrew

    Lol that was weird! But better than taker and hhh promos on raw!!!

  • "That match with Ultimate Warrior was the worst", LoL 🙂

  • From Track To Show Ring

    Awesome! Good job!

  • elizawilso

    Jealousy is a curse jdl.