John Morrison On When His Character Was Birthed, Why He Left WWE, Says Vince Needs To Delegate More, Going To TNA?

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Josh Modaberi has a new interview online with John Morrison. Below is an excerpt:

Q. In 2007 you were then drafted to ECW, where you became ECW Champion and formed another formidable tag team with The Miz, what was that experience like?

The “Morrison” character was born in ECW… a child of spite and stardom. I felt like I evolved into a great singles wrestler in ECW because of the opportunities to speak, and wrestle longer matches. Miz & Morrison, “The Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century,” was fun because Miz and I have great comedic chemistry for backstage segments, and our internet show the Dirt Sheet. Also I felt like more of a leader than when I was with MNM.

Q. Why did you decide not to renew your contract with the WWE?

I was starting to accumulate injuries faster than they were healing… neck surgery, and a lot of nagging injuries; shoulder, knee, ankle- I decided that time off is my best option. I’m working on elevating every part of my game during the time I have off, physical in ring stuff and mic work.

Q. Having worked with the WWE for nine years, what was Vince McMahon like as a boss?

Vince is a perfectionist, a work-a-holic, and a micro-manager. He expects everyone to work as hard as he does, and he really does work like a mad man. He cares very much about his business, and you have to respect that about him.

If I had to pick out any one flaw, I’d say that I think it would behoove him to delegate more. Give power to others in the organization for longer periods of time without allowing them to be undermined

Q. Would you go back to the WWE or join TNA in 2012?


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  • vivalajady

    depends on what??? hmmmm

  • The Dave

    i thot btn john n miz, he was the shawn micheals n miz, the martin jannerty. Miz proved me wrong…….

    • Van

      in my opinion.Morrison is the better athlete of the two,but Miz has better mic skills than him

  • Rosey

    Awesome, Morrison should go to TNA, at least he would be noticed and appreciated.. Rosey out!

    • Matt Scott

      Why do you sign each post like that?

      • outkazt09

        Because he/she is an inferior poster on here.

  • Matt Scott

    It's very clever of John not to talk crap about McMahon. If he was to go to TNA and it folded what would he do? When asked about the contract he could have gone full shoot and started talking crap about how it was because of how WWE treated Melina or whatever. Safe to sayy he's come across very well here.

    • Brandon LaFleur

      He is being the bigger man

  • MsMojoRisin

    Hes stil whipped but at least he kept it professional and the way wwe treated melina?? Melina was one of the biggest bitches in wwe im sorry but her release was coming i thought it wouldve came sooner than what it did though.

  • Jason

    In my honest opinion he should take as long as he can to heal. I believe he came back way to soon after his neck surgery and wasn’t at 100% but wanted to come back and try to gain the spot light that he once had but let elude him over the past 4 years or more. As for TNA, I’m sorry, as much as I like some of the talent there it’s way to much like “WCW lite” to me and although he would be a Main Eventer the storylines are stale and worthless. I grew up watching half the roster when I was a kid. They were on the right path for a while pushing younger talent over the more established guys but enter Hogan and Bishoff and TNA lost it luster.
    For Morrison to fit in the formula would have to change for the better. His best bet is to heal and return with more focus.

  • Vince McLamp

    “Being a Main eventer on WWE™ is like standing on top of a building. Being a Main eventer in Tna Impact Wrestling™ is like standing on top of a dumpster.” .. Think about it.

    • Jason


  • BigMike

    Morrison is one of the most gifted people to ever step foot in a ring IMo he is as athletically gifted as SHelton Benjamin but in different ways unfortunately his mic skills werent that great and honestly very few in this day and age can become big without having mic skills I honestly never liked miz and I really still dont but he has worked his ass off to get where he is but he still has a LONG way to go to get his in ring skills to match his mic skills lol but Morrison was not like Benoit in that Benoit got over without needing to have mic skills and he is the exception in many ways I would love to see MOrrison against Kaz or AJ in a ultimate X match