John Morrison Says The Door Is Open For Him To Return To WWE

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Phil Strum of the Poughkeepsie Journal has a new article online featuring quotes from John Morrison to promote a Northeast Wrestling show he's on in the city on Friday. In the piece, Morrison speaks on his relationship with WWE:

“The door is open to go back,” Hennigan said of his current relationship with WWE. “I left on really good terms with everybody and what I wanted to do was take time off to heal, get refreshed and take a little vacation. Shows like this are a fun show and a way to keep sharp. I really like wrestling. That’s why I do it. I was working a 250-plus day a year schedule and I wanted to be refreshed. Right before I left, I felt like I was going to work. I wasn’t enjoying it as much as when I started.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Matt Scott

    FYI John, wrestling or not, it's still considered GOING TO WORK.

  • Paul

    Fair enough

  • Wilo

    Either John Morrison replaces The Great Khali or is the final member of Smackdown Team

    • WWE NERD

      Khali needs to be at WrestleMania,because about the Indian fans of the WWE,so a lot of the Indies can come to WrestleMania to see their hometown hero the Great Khali:-}

  • Thisguy

    He’s coming back…..just to TNA with Melina. I can see that happening.

  • Kleck

    Take your time John. Hopefully we’ll see you flying around WWE again soon.

  • Wwe4L76

    Comes back as kevin nash

  • ShortStack

    After he left the WWE he was wrestling well within the 90 period. He was always going to come back. My guess is July/August.

  • Stoney

    I just hope if he returns, he gets another push

  • Andy


    • Aldin94


  • JasonGaza

    I knew john wasnt gonna just ditch off like that, see now i would love to see him and cody at wm28 instead of Big show but too late. Plus SD needs sum help

  • Adam

    Very talented should have been involved in more high profile matches in the past

  • Aldin94

    I want him to do something at TNA LockDown and for melina to fued with or join gail kim.

    • WWE NERD

      Well I don't know about you Aldin94,but I think many people want him to come back to the WWE,including me:-}

  • Richie

    As long as he took acting classes while he’s rehabbing. He totally bombed as a face!

  • PainOfDemise

    I hope he comes back to the WWE someday, but he needs a bit of a make over. Get rid of the entrance music and just change up the whole walk to the ring, no more slow motion.

  • Carl manning

    The WWE needs Morrison. I hope he returns.