John Morrison Update, Andy Leavine Has A Lot Of Work To Do, Gail Kim's WWE Departure, Wade Barrett Getting Pushed

What the latest update on John Morrison?

John Morrison's WWE contract expired on November 29, 2011 and he did not have 90-day non-compete clause attached to his contract. Morrison is free to go wherever he wants and I heard months ago he was interested in going to TNA Impact Wrestling with Melina. Morrison has been silent on Twitter since his WWE departure. His last Tweet, "humble pie tastes like crap."

How close is Andy Leavine to getting called up to the main WWE roster?

Andy Leavine has been a work in progress since winning WWE Tough Enough. Jim Ross wrote on Twitter today his debut on WWE television isn't imminent and he still has a lot of work to do. JR is more than qualified to make this statement because his position in WWE is to scout talent and he was recently evaluating developmental names in Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa.

Why did Gail Kim leave WWE?

Gail Kim was unhappy and frustrated with the way WWE pushes their Divas. She made a scene with her WWE departure, eliminating herself from a Divas battle royal and got heat for it from John Laurinaitis. Gail's three-year WWE contract she signed in 2008 was up in August and she knew she had an opportunity with TNA Impact Wrestling without a 90-day non-compete clause. Gail left TNA in 2008 because of a better financial offer from WWE.

What's the status of Wade Barrett?

WWE is rebuilding Wade Barrett's character and is currently programming him with Randy Orton on Smackdown. Barrett was close to becoming a main event name as the leader of the Nexus and is getting another huge opportunity.

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  • Chris

    why lie? she didn't "get heat" for it, Johnny didn't CARE!

  • outkazt09

    LOL Jomo. What a joke. ” I follow my cheating girlfriend wherever she goes because I don’t know or don’t care that am whipped.”

  • craig

    The real question should be why push Wade and Sheamus to the moon (for about 6 months) and then job then out for a year and then build them up slowly and correctly imo. It makes me not really care too much about them since i dont trust that wwe really trusts them. I want the slow builds like the Miz and Ziggler where guys slowly work their way up the card.

  • Monty

    As someone who is been a fan of wrestling for more than 20 years I think Vince has lost it’s magic touch. I am a huge keven Nash fan but his character is boring when he speaks on the MIC no reaction what so ever no heat at all. Vince really needs a wake up call and Linda getting involved in politics is really hurting the product. They have CM punk they need to use him like Austin a man against power and will do nothing any time but since his summer push he has been really predictable also. No wonder why ratings are going down. We need more wrestling on a wrestling show. And for the love of god turn cena I mean Austin still sold whe he was heel hogan still sold a lot of merchandise when he was heel. He character needs to go back to being old school needs to start rapping make it fun

    • Deuce

      While I agree with you on some parts, I must disagree on others.

      With Nash, he doesn't get the heat because most wrestling fans now-a-days don't know who he is. The ones that do actually cheer him.

      Cena on the other hand is in dire need of a character change. The rapping version would be a great change and they could even keep him as a face. It's all a matter of entertainment. He is not entertaining the fans right now (kids don't count) but Vince doesn't seem to realize that he doesn't need to make a major change in order to "freshen things up".

      • Silver

        Was with you until you said kids don't count as fans. Kids are the majority of the merchandise buyers (or their parents are at least, but they are buying for them). Those kids are essentially worth double the ticket sales as well because their parents come with them to the shows. You were a kid once too, don't forget that.

        This is precisely why I never jumped on the Cena hate bandwagon. There are plenty of legitimate complaints against how he is used and at this point even his supporters think he is stale, but the hate originally started because wrestling fans hate the fact that he draws in kids and young women who might not ordinarily watch wrestling and they don't want to be associated with them.

    • vmagic

      First of all, Linda being involved in politics has nothing to do with the product. Secondly, they've already done Austin as a rebel, will it really work a second time with Punk? I don't know, but his character is different anyway, not really a rebel like Austin. Thirdly, your statement about more wrestling on a wrestling show doesn't really make sense. When WWE and WCW were hot due to the Monday Night Wars, people didn't tune in for wrestling, they tuned in to see what would happen next and that is what WWE needs to do, get people wondering what will happen next and they will tune in. Sure having wrestling is great and they have that but they need to kick things up a notch elsewhere. Lastly, not another let's turn Cena remarks! Get over it, it ain't happening anytime soon and if you don't like it, go watch TNA.

  • Andy S

    What exactly is/was the point of Andy Leavine, or indeed of the new Tough Enough in general, if the WWE isn’t going to do anything with the winner once the show is over? Andy could still be working down in FCW while popping his head up on TV once in a while, just to let fans know who he is. By the time he graduates from developmental, if he ever does, no one will know, and no one will care. Not that I have any vested interest in Andy Leavine, it’s more a matter of principle.

  • Maze

    I've been in this business for 13 years and Wade Barrett is def a main event talent. The guy can work in the ring and has great mic skills. This guys should be around a long time and should always remain in the main events. I talk to Wade every now and then and hes a good dude.

    • Robert

      Hea boring god theyre all aweful the one hope i have for wwe is jr being involved in evaluating talent god these guys give a promo like theyre going through the motions bryan can be a top guy but how do u get motivated when ur winning one week and jobbing to Cody the next who is also boring god put some emotion in ur character

      • vmagic

        It's funny you mention JR because i'm pretty positive JR would completely disagree with your opinion of Wade Barrett. Wade Barrett is good in the ring and is excellent on the mic, and he has the size Vince loves, what more does he need?

    • Ellen

      Barrett's a joke right along with Miz, Sheamus has really come into his own and just keeps getting better and better, Mark Henry needs to retire and take Ric Flair and Kevin Nash with him!

      • Maze

        Well being in the business I see things a little different, but I respect your opinions. Think Barrett is a good talent but I agree that he is not being used properly.

        • AnoNyMouZ

          Im with you, Barrett is a great talent and even the WWE should let him win the WWE Chamionship last year with The Nexus

          Barrett is my favorite wrestler from the Smackdown brand with Sheamus.

          I hope he becames champion anytime soon

        • vmagic

          They should replicate the story from WWE 12 with a UK group doing an invasion angle, with Sheamus, Barrett, McIntyre, Regal, Layla, and anyone else they might like to include. They could dominate the WWE as a faction, take all the major belts, and start another US vs the World type fued like back in the day with Hart Foundation vs USA and other similar feuds. I would love to see that happen!

      • Mark

        Barrett and Miz as a joke is just stupid