John Morrison Update, The Undertaker Wrestling, WWE Developmental Contracts, Natalya's Flatulence, Drew McIntyre's Status

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Where is John Morrison?

John Morrison is currently working independent dates as he declined a contract extension offered to him by WWE. Many expected him to go to TNA Impact Wrestling with Melina but so far that hasn't happened. Morrison recently worked against Shelton Benjamin at World Wrestling Fan Xperience's show in Manila, Philippines on February 4, 2012. Morrison won the promotion's championship in the bout.

Are there any plans for The Undertaker to wrestle before Wrestlemania XXVIII or will he be saved for the pay-per-view?

I would expect WWE to save The Undertaker for Wrestlemania XXVIII unless he wants a match to brush off any potential ring rust. I would be against Undertaker working before Wrestlemania because I feel it would take away from his defense of the streak, killing some of the anticipation leading up to the bout.

How much do WWE developmental workers get paid? Are they allowed to work outside indy dates?

I got in trouble last week for mentioning pay but the last time I asked, WWE developmental contracts included downside guarantees in the $25,000/year range. Workers under WWE developmental contracts are not allowed to work independent dates and must remain exclusive to the company. If they are called up to the main WWE roster, they will earn show bonuses for each show they work.

Despite only airing for two weeks the angle of Natalya is tedious already. Is there any purpose in it or is it just a way to keep kids entertained during the PG era?

The Natalya "farting" gimmick is disgusting. I have told people that I feel it is Vince McMahon's immaturity at the forefront, highlighting his weird sense of humor. I don't know the purpose but I can't believe someone would find it entertaining.

Vince McMahon was so eager to push Drew McIntyre but now he's constantly buried. Why do you think this is?

Back in 2009 Triple H lobbied for Sheamus and Drew McIntyre to get big pushes in WWE. Sheamus has withstood some resistance and maintained relevancy while Drew McIntyre has struggled. We get questions all the time asking about McIntyre and the only thing I can tell you is he hasn't been looked at as a priority. There isn't room for everyone to have a storyline so it's really crucial that someone takes full advantage of any opportunity they are given.

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  • Zach

    Hey Richard, why did you get in trouble for mentioning pay?

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I would think because it is a personnal matter that no one but the wrestler who is getting paid should know about and with all do respect to Richard or anyone else…that info is quite frankly no one's bussiness.

    • @jblack424

      Its private and personally info. I don’t see big problem as sports contracts are always shown but its sports entertainment so is different. Now on opinion about some of the questions. Drew deserves to not be buried but he never really got a reaction. I think its one of those “don’t know til its gone” things. Fan really didn’t care about drew but soon as he is jobbing to everyone they are concerned. He needs to find a gimmick also as raw besides not ever seeing him he didn’t have a gimmick. I think its funny morrison and drew is on here as their women got them in the work doghouse. Hope drew gets out of it and morrison appears on my tv soon. Hopedfully with melina. I also wanna say taker shouldn’t wrestle at all before. Just like the rock at survivor series, one bad move and you could get hurt. Then this big wrestlemania wouldn’t be failure but wouldn’t break records like it seems it will. Also I agree with richard as knowing its only a 1 or two time thing makes it that special. A raw squash match would probably help storyline but could take out a key face in your biggest event of the year.

    • Mike

      He mentioned something a few days back about Austin Aries not making much in TNA, and Austin Aries corrected him. Simple case of having the wrong information. No big deal.

      • XKonn247

        At least you actually read and take note of the site, Mike. How ironic everyone us speculating when speculation is what got Richard in trouble.

  • Mike

    I expect to see JoMo in TNA soon enough. He's probably going to build up a reputation on the Indies before signing.

    $25K a year, before taxes I'm assuming. At current exchange rates that's just shy of £16K, or c€19.
    Was just curious about how it stacked up in other currencies.
    I'm in the UK, and £16K is a liveable wage, just, if you don't have too extravagant a lifestyle. If you were cohabiting your partner would need to work though for anything remotely resembling a decent life. Wouldn't want to raise kids on that wage.
    I'm not too familiar with the cost of living in the States. How does $25K measure up to the day to day expenses of life?

    The angle with Natalya is just… bad. No amount of superlatives or hyperbole would ever truly convey the sheer badness of that angle. Have Vince and Brett had a little tiff off-camera or something? Either that, or Nattie has seriously pissed someone off somehow.
    There's Beth complaining about how she has no competition, and they're bringing Tamina into the mix, which is good, but surely. athletically speaking, Nattie is enough of a wrestler to challenge Beth?
    I can understand the WWE showing a lot of T&A, and I'm all for that, but if I want T&A I can get that anywhere. What I really want from the Diva's Division is women who can go out there and get the job done in the ring. The T&A comes second.

    Drew has the look and the potential to go far if he gets a break with a decent storyline or two. Right now he seems a bit of a pussy. Can I say that here? Meh, it's still a better gimmick than Nattie has.
    He needs something edgy. He needs to get frustrated and interject himself into a title match somewhere and force the issue.
    Maybe he could team with Mason Ryan for some random, undetermined reason? Sheamus is Irish. Wade Barrett's English. They're doing very well for themselves. Might as well stick the Welshman and the Scotsman together and see what happens. Perhaps Regal could mentor them for a while.

    • nite

      I would think here in the States 25k is really close to what u said it was in the UK, it is a livable wage but just barely.

    • XKonn247

      Yea cuz John Morrison has no household name to seal of and working small indy shows will help him!!

    • MonstaHeel 450

      Drew, Mason, Sheamus (if he turns heel again), Barrett. Add Regal as their manager with Layla in their corner? Hmmm….. that would be an interesting stable. Been a long time since we've had those.

      Nattie, Nattie, Nattie. Somebody musta done somethin to make her the butt of jokes (sorry). To be fair, she seems to be a good sport about it, unless its their way to keep that Divas Title Match against Beth locked between the both of them. Who knows?

      MNM reformed in TNA? (Morrison, Melina, ?) Stay tuned…..

  • craig

    So after last night i am guessing the undertaker doesn't need his hair wig anymore.

    • Mike

      Point received.
      I tend to multitask while watching, and I missed that particular hair cutting bit on Raw.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Farts are funny, people. Shen someone at the gym accidentally farts, it’s funny. When you’re at a retail store, or any public place, and someone unintentionally squeezes out an air biscuit, it’s funny. C’mon people, lighten up, it’s not like they’re playing fart sounds continuously during her match. I find the backstage segments to be quite hilarious.

    • sforester

      And you're about the only one who does. Don't get me wrong, I like my fart jokes too, but that should be relegated to non-wrestlers or strictly comedic wrestlers. If Teddy or Santino were to let one fly, you better believe I'd be laughing because both are humorous characters. Natalya is not meant to be humorous.

      • Dangerous Lee

        I think many people, if not everybody laughed a bit when Natalya farted. Part of what made it funny was who it came from. No one expected a diva to pass gas. Just like no one expected brodus clay to come out dancing to a disco ball.

      • kbunyon

        I have to agree with Blitz. I love a good fart joke, personally with my family and friends. Between Crohn's Disease, my service dog and four kids, there's fart jokes abound in my house (and I always have the dog to blame it on when I'm out), but saddling a beautiful and talented woman on TV with such a horrible storyline is absolute bull!

        If it was Santino, Hornswoggle, Teddy, even Foley at this point, I wouldn't have a problem with it – not because they're men, but because of the comedic sides to their characters. Even Ryder would be able to handle it well.

        Nattie will always have this floating behind her (sorry, pun not intended), no matter what she does in this industry, or in any media. She will be inducted into the Hall of Fame (hopefully, if VKM doesn't completely screw over Nattie and/or the Divas as a whole) and will still be hearing fart jokes, whoopie cushions, etc. and that's not cool – even if it was only these couple weeks of fart jokes.

        We don't know Nattie personally, but she can't be enjoying being the brunt of these jokes as it's so hard for any of the Divas to be taken seriously as wrestlers these day.


  • Colm Gillespie

    "Sheamus has withstood some resistance and maintained relevancy" Really Rich… Really? The guy just won the 2012 Royal Rumble and has earned a main event match on the biggest stage of them all at Wrestlemania, not to mention he is a 2 time WWE Champion, A United States Champion, And 2010 King Of the Ring Winner. Now granted he was on a bit of a losing streak between the period of Early December 2010 to mid march 2011 but he got drafted to Smackdown, Proved he can not only get over as a heel but over as a huge Babyface. He represents the company tremendously in media interviews and a great spokesperson for their Be a Star initiative. The guy is very versatile and is very high regarded by WWE Management.

  • bob

    Nattie farting is simple…… natalya neidhart = Natalya Needfart Waste of talent and tv time

  • outkazt09

    Drew won’t be a top star in the WWE. Why? Because the guy has NO personality. I really don’t know what people see in this guy. He is boring people. Get over it.

    • Agree waste of air time

  • gpturbo81

    farting is disgusting? fancy girl, very fancy

  • monty

    well like i said before VKM needs to build some of these guys back up DM has a lot of potential along with ziggler,miz etc,,,,

    these old wrestlers are so much fun but the sad part is knowing they are all about to be done with wwe within next few years

  • James

    Farting is funny to me, got no problem with the angle

    • Guest

      Agreed, perhaps the funniest thing ever. Watch the toilet scene from dumb and dumber and try not to laugh your ass off.

  • Guy Landau

    The biggest thing to hinder Drew's slow (but stirdy) push was the draft to RAW. He got I think 5 appearances overall on RAW since he got drafted.

  • Maz

    Drew has become the new ryder

  • Karl

    I really don’t like Drew at all. He is extremely boring, cannot speak proper English, and something about him having long hair that bothers me. Bash me if you must but it is my opinion of him.

    • Jay

      He may be Scottish but I’m pretty sure that’s real English

  • stoney

    I thought I would never see antthing worse then the Katie Vick storyline, now we have Natalya, the daughter of Jim 'The Anvil' neidhart and the niece of Bret Hart in a farting angle

  • Maz

    I think wwe and vkm are insulting the hart family, Natalya shud have self respect and walk away from her contract.

    Instead they wud be building her for a WM diva match as she is the only diva I can think of that stances s chance against Beth

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