John Morrison's Booking Fee, Rehabbing Neck & Ankle

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The rate to book John Morrison is $5000 per appearance. While widely expected to end up in TNA Impact Wrestling, Morrison is staying in shape and rehabbing his neck and ankle.

  • jdl

    That's about $4,000 more than he's worth.

    • Chris_Storm

      The guy can work, to a degree, but I still feel Mercury would have been the better worker out of the two to break out.

    • On the flip side: If he's trying to rest and rehab his body a bit, then charging a high price (the fresh-off-TV bit aside) ensures that when he's going to work, it's undoubtedly worth it.

      (Freelance writers do this too–if there's a client they really aren't wild about working with, they'll bump the rates. The client will buzz off or pay handsomely for their services. Either way, it's a win.)

  • Louis

    Well atlease 2,500 more than he worth

  • Greg

    You know both of you guys are out of your mind. John morrison can outwork more than half of the guys on the wwe roster. Vince didnt like morrison personally didnt respect him as a man because morrison let batista have sex with melina while they were dating. Thats why morrison didnt get the push that he deserved.. Not too mention morrison snubbing trish at wrestlemania didnt help his cause as well. Morrison was way over with the crowd and he was a hell of a worker its a damn shame vince is such a bully he doesnt see that.

    • lukey

      Your wrong about the Batista thing, Batista had a fling with Melina but that was before she started dating Morrison. But you are right in that Vince didn’t like him because Morrison bought Melina backstage after she was fired and siding with her over the company and things

    • vmagic

      Hell of a worker? All he does is flip around all the time, he's not very technical and he sucks on the mic and hardly anyone will even miss him or notice he is gone.