John Morrison's WWE Contract Up Next Week

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John Morrison's WWE contract is believed to be up on November 29th. As I reported here on Premium on October 17th, while WWE offered Morrison a contract, he had little interested in re-signing.

As a result of his expiring contract, Morrison has been written out of Zack Ryder's online show that can be watched here. (Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Josh)

Morrison is believed to be interested in signing with TNA Impact Wrestling.

  • Alex

    So 90 days from the 29th Morrison is going to be TNA World Champ? Interesting…

    • jdl

      His contract is expiring, he's not being released, so he should be able to join TNA immediately.

  • samantha_reichle

    He does not have a clause, so as soon as his contract is up he can sign with TNA that same day. TNA has enough people on their roster, I doubt that he will be used much. There are too many wrestlers in TNA to grant everyone time on tv in 1 hour. If I were John Morrison, I would resign with ROH or go over seas with MVP or AAA in Mexico

    • Alex

      Too many people are focused on the 90 day part…no, doesn't have to wait 90 days..I was wrong, but my point was that John Morrison like Christian, Kurt Angle, Rhino, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, etc will basically just be hand delivered the TNA world title as soon as he enters the company because thats what they've done. The TNA talent that doesn't get air time is the home grown talent.

    • Christen

      WWE will most likely have that no compete clause in his contract they all do wwe does this to prevent them from going to TNA right away in hopes they change their minds and resign with them but i read he has interest in doing acting plus working more on his fitness videos

    • Matt Scott

      By resign with ROH, I guess you mean sign with ROH as John Morrison has only ever done WWE and OVW shows? If you're gonna point out where someone else is incorrect then make sure your facts are acruate before hand.

  • Wow. Can’t believe they letting a good talent slip away. He can blame his girl for his career going down hill after wrestlemania….

    • GODSENT68

      He can blame himself. I'm sorry but he is a grown capable if HIS own decisions

  • Mike Civella

    I think it's terrible the way WWE used Morrison ! He is way more talented than John cena and just because his girlfriend had heat backstage , he received heat also !

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I agree Morrison is talented, and it is unfair to punish him for Melina's actions. I never felt it was right WWE did that to him.

      • Abe

        he's just another cena or jeff hardy, seen it all before and he continues to shove it down our throats

      • Van

        WWE seems to take their frustration out on the guys if their women who are/were WWE Divas do something to rub them the wrong way.Tiffany gets in trouble for making a scene at a motel while she & McIntyre were there causing her to get released and McIntyre to go from the Chosen One to the Forgotten One.Melina acts like a biotch backstage causing her to get released and Morrison to go on a losing streak,win one match then leave the company after his contract is up which could mean TNA Bound.Maryse opens her big mouth on camera telling Vince that it's his loss for releasing her causing Miz to get beaten up by Cena,CM Pimp,Morrison,Foley & Eve for the entire European Tour

      • Alex

        Morrison, as much as I like him, deserves some of this blame. He gets just as much heat always trying to defend Melina who cheated on him over and over. Like when he snubbed Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania.

  • Kristen

    I don't think he has to wait 90 days if his contact expires look at gail kim her contact expired and the days later she was on impact

  • H.M.

    I'm kinda saddened about this. JoMo has so much going for him aside from mic skills.

    • GODSENT68

      MIC SKILLS?? I hear crowds snooze with him on the mic, good in ring pero his mic work leaves alot to be desired

      • Matt Scott

        Did you read his comment. He said JoMo had everything EXCEPT mic skills. Read before you insult.

  • Arav

    which begs the question, why on earth was he given a match at Survivor Series? To try and convince him to resign?

    • Silver

      More likely to have him lose and look weak on his way out, imagine your last big match for the company and not only do you lose but everyone is chanting the name of someone who's not even in the match.

    • GODSENT68

      To give him a rub in TNA and world championship before vinnie mac buys it

  • just a fan

    dont do it morrison, if ur not going to re-sign then dont sign with tna… just stay on the indy scene, dont ruin ur career.

  • Jeremy

    no he can immediately go to tna on the 29th. He is not leaving before his contract is up which would necessitate the 90 day no compete clause. He is letting his contract expiring. Meaning he doesn't need to wait 90 days. Just like Angle , Christian, and Booker before him he can show up immediately. Case in point. Christian was present at the taboo tuesday 05 ppv and the raw the following night, and showed up in TNA like 2 weeks later. Same for Booker who's contract expired in october and he was in tna a month later.

  • RK Brock

    Bye bye JoMo! Good riddence

  • HHHRedmonster

    Such a shame, this guy had so much potential. I know he had some things to work on in the microphone department, but it's not often a Wrestler with this much talent and natural ability is floating around the independent scene. This guy had something special, and I truly had high hopes for him….but now his career is pretty much over, which is basically a more blunt way of saying he's going to Die in TNA. Oh Jomo… whipped dummy.

  • Mike L

    Bobby Roode Vs. John Morrison=Epic Next Generation

  • Tommy

    With all the rumors floating around about this and othet "issues" in the past. Im suprised the WWE didnt try to bury him completely. Ive seen a lot of "good" talent pass up those who truly deserve a push. It all boils down to whos gonna kiss more a$$. I miss the good ole days….

  • Jim

    Unfortunately I bet we'll be seeing you in TNA in about 90 days… I'm quite sure that your antics of bringing your girlfriend to work with you, just days after she was fired from the same company sure didn't endear you to WWE management. Nobody likes someone who rocks the boat. I hope TNA is smart enough to pass on him. They need to get past thinking that they have to hire everybody released by WWE that has any kind of name recognition. They're finally giving the TNA originals the pushes and attention that they deserve. Don't go and mess that up by bringing in yet another WWE wash out and trying to push them to the top.

  • stoney

    Nitro Hennigan or Nitro Morrison or John Hennigan debuts in TNA

  • Matt

    WWE higher ups hold grudges like high school girls

    • vmagic

      This wasn't WWE higher ups, John is the one who doesn't want to resign.

  • Jade

    Now I can't see him at the RAW Supershow on December 19th 🙁

  • Matt

    Right….good movie John Morrison, go to where you are famous and rich to a company that won't utilize you, tarnish your career and eventually end up back with Vince anyways. Smart move…..NOT

  • Matt

    John Morrison vs AJ Styles would be epic, if booked right of course

  • An0n

    I love how everybody who gives their own opion is downvoted above me, and everyone who says the samething is liked……nice hivemind people

  • j8duong

    Personally I'd rather work for Vince McMahon than Dixie Cart–I mean Eric Bischo–I mean Hulk Hoga–I mean Janice Cart–I mean Jeff Jarre–Yeah, I'd rather work for Vince.

  • joe

    its sad cus he actually thinks he's irreplaceable, he isnt CM Punk he wwe will not jump through hoops to keep him

  • christopher525

    Well, at least in TNA he can go back to the 12 pack abs look. No wellness policy testing = Winstrol crazy.

  • andrew