Johnny Curtis As Fandangoo, HHH As An Exec, McGillicutty Is Hennig, Randy Orton Heel Turn

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Is Johnny Curtis going to play the Fandangoo character?

Yes Johnny Curtis is Fandangoo. WWE officials are high up on his work as he's already debuted the gimmick at live events.

What do you think of Triple H's backstage work so far and do you have high hopes for WWE when he eventually takes over?

There are times when I believe Triple H is more in touch with the product than Vince McMahon but there are also times when I feel he's out of touch. For example, Hunter's commitment to developmental is definitely the right thing to do and I like the direction things are going as NXT Wrestling. However, when I hear Hunter is pushing Sheamus as the next face of the company, I just don't see it. While I'm a fan of Sheamus and think he works hard every night out, I don't see him as the face of the company. As a whole, WWE is poised for growth and success because of the way it's been built.

Why isn't Michael McGillicutty using his real last name and capitalizing on the fact he's the son of Curt Hennig?

WWE gave Joe Hennig the Michael McGillicutty name and I don't think he likes it more than anyone else. I can't begin to explain it other than they may have wanted him to have his own identity so he's not forced to try and live up to the expectations that come along with being Curt's son. I actually think working as Joe Hennig would help him get over but it's also worth noting WWE changes names so they own the rights to them. With Hennig working as McGillicutty, they don't risk him leaving after they build him up.

When will WWE pull the trigger on a Randy Orton heel turn?

I heard Randy Orton is still pushing for a heel turn but there are obviously other plans as they wrap this program with Alberto Del Rio.

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  • Rayner Chee-bai

    What is Fandangoo? Sorry, I already searched for WWE's Youtube videos about this Fandangoo but it was hopeless for me. Could somebody else please explain it to me.

  • Joey

    Joe Perfrect

    • Your spelling is not…

      • GODSENT83

        Did you see Richards???lol

    • Guy Landau

      If they want to make it completely different (and apparently WWE are suckers for same initial names), Paul Perfect is also a good fit.

  • AnacondaVise

    "While I’m a fan of Sheamus and think he works hard every night out, I don’t see him as the face of the company."

    Agreed. I think he is one of the top guys, but I don't see him ever being the face of the company.

    • Michael

      I don't think he will be "the" face but I think he will be "a" face of the company.

  • Ken

    As soon as I saw Fandangoo's promo it was obvious it was Curtis. Curtis has also been dancing like that on the last few NXT shows and since they're taped (yes?) it must have been in the works for a while.

    I have a feeling that this gimmick will be annoying at first, like Brodus' was (for me at least) but if it means getting some of the current NXT talent called up I'm fine with it. We've got Maddox, we've got Curtis, and Bateman's knocking around somewhere with his Mr America gimmick or whatever it was. Why we've not got McGillicutty up I don't know. I wouldn't mind seeing Ascension thrown into the tag mix if that division lasts long enough.

  • Jordan

    Saw Johnny Curtis doing his dancing gimmick at the Smackdown in Providence. It was hysterical.

  • vmagic

    Curt never used the Hennig name in the wwe himself and there may be many people who dont recognize the name.

    • Lies!!!

      What?! He was introduced as "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig. These unsolicited lies on this blog site have got to stop or they need to be fact checked before receiving an okay.. Goodness!!! Just because you, "make believe it," does not make it true.

      • Korwegian

        Dude get off your soapbox. He was introduced as just Mr. Perfect many times. The commentators refferred to him as Curt Hennig but he was rarely, if ever, introduced by his real name.

    • Maxx Stylez

      Yes he did. He was “Mr. Perfect” Curt Henning.

    • Ken

      He was frequently referred to as Mr Perfect Curt Hennig. They made frequent reference to Larry The Axe Hennig. I used to call him Curt Henning when I was a kid since Hennig sounded strange to me at the time. I was like eight then and I'm thirty four now, so…

  • I've always thought it'd be cool if Hennig/McGillicutty used something like "Junior Perfect" or "Master Perfect". Seems like WWE could copyright that but also capitalise on Mr Perfect's legacy.

  • Eric

    I was always hoping Joe Henning would team with Tyson Kidd and they could be called the "Perfect Foundation"

  • Andrew

    Orton will never be a heal

  • MonstaHeel450

    Fandang-WHAT?! Man who comes up with these stupid names and ideas at Creative? He/she should be checked out as well.