View The Vignette For Johnny Curtis' New Character Fandangoo Here

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The new character of Johnny Curtis, Fandangoo, is coming to WWE television. You can watch the vignette that aired on this week's Raw embedded below:

  • SC89

    Why is it this idiot who is green as anything gets called up yet a seasoned veteran like Kassius Ohno and great talents such as Rollins, Steamboat and Ambrose are left to flounder in developmental? Ridiculous

    • Ray

      Curtis has been wrestling for 13 years and started under Killer Kowalski. Ohno has been wrestling for about 14 years, so Curtis is just as seasoned as Kassius. Ambrose, Rollins and Steamboat are all green compaired to Johnny. Steamboat has only been wrestling for about 4 years!

  • KMN

    I can bet his character will be as bad as his name

  • dave c

    put an F after his name and thats what i think of his gimmick

  • Thumpa

    Curtis has been wrestling as long as Hero

  • christopher525

    So, he's got the new "gay" gimmick? Welcome Goldust…