Jon Gruden/WWE, Natalya's HoF Dress, Cena-Rock Segment

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- ESPN's Jon Gruden will be a guest on this week's JBL and Cole show on WWE's official YouTube channel.

- Natalya posted a sneak peek of her dress for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony. You can view it below:

- You can watch a video highlight of the close segment of this week's WWE Raw at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Ricky

    Is it me or is Mania a do or die to turn Cena heel?

    • Xavier

      After last night it feels that way. If Cena goes under Rock again then they absolutely have to turn him heel. Cena can’t lose to Rock again and continue on as a babyface. If Cena wins cleans there’s still the possibility that they may keep him face. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

    • Jeremy

      Exactly what I was thinking as Cena was getting fueled up last nite. Isn’t he being portrayed as the heel in this feud anyway because The Rock is definitely the babyface.

      • Xavier

        I wouldn’t say he’s being potrayed as a heel but they are definitely portraying him as a little desperate/frustrated which is unlike Cena, especially with Rock constantly getting the better of him in these little altercations. Rock is in Cena’s head which is what this segment focused on.

  • Maze

    Is it me or does Cena take the worst Rock Bottom of all time.

  • Speedball

    It’s a nice dress but your not showing the whole dress , just show the whole dress then we can vote how nice the dress is.