Jonah Hill, Triple H & Brodus Clay All Victims Of Raw Supershow Re-Writes

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I've checked into Jonah Hill not appearing on last week's Raw Supershow and apparently he was never scheduled to appear live. Hill taped segments for WWE television but they were scrapped in last minute re-writes.

Things are changing more frequently than ever from a creative standpoint in WWE. In addition to Hill's guest appearance being scrapped, Triple H was scheduled to appear (and locally advertised), there were plans for Brodus Clay to debut and going into Survivor Series on Sunday there were no plans to break up the team of Awesome Truth.

A possible reason for some of the dysfunction is Vince McMahon keeping stuff close to his vest and not cluing the creative team in on his plans until the last minute.  Mondays are always stressful for the creative team as they try to finalize the script that effectively progresses storylines and fits into their time window.  As a result, things that are planned (and sometimes even advertised) are cut out.  A segment that was recently bumped several times is the Michael Cole/Jim Ross challenge.

  • Owen

    Does anyone else here think that Vince would just retire?

    • Andy

      Does anyone else here think that Vince is going senile?
      Too many chair shots perhaps…

    • sforester

      Vince McMahon will never retire. He's always been one to have complete control of everything he puts his hands on. His daddy was like that back in the day, his grandfather was like that, and now VKM is like that. Do I agree with it? Probably not, but the fact remains that without the hands-on approach, WWE would not be the global company it is today.

      I don't agree with not cluing in the staff until the last minute, but I'm sure Vince has some good reasoning in that mind of his.

  • Dare2believe

    I think VKM should let go and let HHH and Stephanie run the show

  • Greg

    Last minute rewrites, story lines being dropped or written with zero logic…sounds a lot like late WCW to me.

  • Nostaljack

    Is anyone really that upset that some pre-taped segments by Jonah Hill didn't make it to air? I really couldn't care less. I'd frankly be happy (as I'm sure we all would) if the "guest host" thing would just go away. In this case, if you aren't there, you shouldn't be on the air.

    • ShanND

      No argument about Jonah Hill, but I've heard some people were fairly bummed out when HHH didn't make an appearance as advertised in Hershey, PA.

    • Steve

      Yes. I was. I am a huge fan of Jonah Hill. I wa reall looking forward to him appearing on Raw. And, of course, I was disappointed when he didn’t appear.

  • Josh in MN

    Somehow I think "Social Media" is to be blamed for the re-writes. Somehow. You know what I mean?

  • Jay fury

    Who cares we are still going to watch it regardless