Josh Mathews Gone From WWE

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Josh Mathews has apparently been released from WWE. While we do not have 100% confirmation, his profile has been moved to the Alumni section and there is a plan for Renee Young to replace him on upcoming broadcast assignments.

4:23 PM EDT Update on June 25, 2014: Mathews has indeed been released, we can now confirm.  End update.

Mathews has been with WWE since 2002.

  • majo

    Tthe moment he disappeared off commentating, as well as a backstage interviewer, it was just matter of time. Perhaps this opens up doors for him to actually wrestle.

  • Rachel Miller

    It seems as if though WWE Officials are very high on Renee Young and Byron Saxton as of late.

    • Brandon van Reenen

      Byron Saxton is great on commentary, but wooden in backstage interviews.

  • BIG M

    12 years is a pretty good run for a backstage interviewer/commentator in WWE.
    Most others only last 3 or 4 years at best.

  • Venom

    Personally I think this was a dumber decision then releasing Drew McIntyre.

  • H.M.

    To be quite frank, he added little as a commentator or backstage interviewer. Not to say I don’t feel for the guy.

  • Splat

    I think this had more to do with how high up on Renee Young the WWE is then it is anything Josh did.

    • John

      Renee won’t be with WWE much longer. She will definitely be heading to one of the major networks soon.