Josh Mathews Plays Up "Unsafe" Work Environment Angle By Threatening To "Sue"

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Josh Mathews continues the angle of the "unsafe" work environment. The following was posted Saturday morning on his official Twitter account:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Logan_Walker

    I am such a boy scout.

  • Leemclean1

    Don't really get where they are going with this storyline!

    • Bault16

      Maybe you should keep watching

    • Razmos01

      The same way it went with HHH in charge…..and then Big Jonny took over after all the locker room complaining of “unsafe work environments”

    • PFElton

      It'll give them a kayfabe excuse to tone down their intense product. >_>

  • Logan_Walker

    Josh Matthews is in line for a push according to “NEWZ” sites.

  • Kleck

    He likes it rough

  • eyepickcotton

    Wasn’t an unsafe work environment the reason Big Johnny became GM last year?

  • Autista

    Wwe PG.. B**** on Twitter, instead of using a steal chair.. Bad times!!

  • Tna

    Josh is turning heel

  • wrldindsk89

    Does 99% of all story lines in the WWE lately include lawsuits?

  • Chris

    Is josh turning heel?? What?!?!?

  • _JIM_

    Wasn’t Josh Matthews on one of those Tough Enough, or something similar, shows trying to be a wrestler? Guess we are seeing that he really isn’t Tough Enough. Until last night he was only thrown to the ground. He wasn’t even punched or anything until he got choke slammed on Smackdown. He’s doing a great job of acting like a scared little punk though. At least Kane was apologizing while he was thrashing him. I thought that was pretty nice of him.

    • ROR

      Josh was on the very 1st tough enough

  • Xtremewrath

    This is where we get big johnny back 🙁

  • Frendo

    Josh Matthews heel turn, with the current wwe roster lacking top heels, it’s time for josh to step up. Shemus needs a new challenger…. ADR has had too many chances. Josh Matthews will take him out and fight at NOC

  • Joe

    Josh vs Kane wrestlemania 29

  • Rob

    Well he was runner up in the first tough enough so maybe they bringing him into the active roster or they debuting somebody new that Mathews gets to beat up kane

  • whitethought_

    Why is everybody suing someone all of a sudden? Last time I checked this wasn't People's Court, this is WWE. Instead of suing Kane or whomever, the storyline could go that Matthews (and even Daniel Bryan) are tired of Kane picking on people smaller than him, so they could "hire" a larger wrestler, or something to that effect, to fight Kane. Maybe Tensai could be the one. He could come out and say hes done messing or whatever and go back to A-Train and align with Matthews & D Bryan. He'll probably get a bigger pop than before, give Kane a fresh new opponent and a generally fresh new feud, and everybody ends up happy.

    • Xxhowie1973xx

      Lol @ People’s Court!

  • JamieSNZ

    Kane said he was sorry….

  • Van

    Josh needs to eiher hire Otunga as his lawyer or APA for protection

  • Justin

    Unsafe work environment storyline 2.0!

  • H.M.

    Don't you all get it? Josh Matthews is going to make his epic wrestling debut to confront Kane.


  • Pat

    Josh Matthews should hire the APA

  • BigMike

    can we see Josh just kick the $h!t out of Cole in a loser leaves WWE match? Cole is horrible and always has been his heel thing now still sux I like Josh he just needs proper push and he has actually been trained as a wrestler

  • Brentos22

    Bring back big Jonny!

  • Joe O.

    This would be a good time to throw Ryback into a feud as the protector of josh Matthews and have him fight Kane!