JR Analyzes End Of The Streak; Preview New Original WWE Network Programming

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JR on The Streak

Jim Ross covered Wrestlemania 30 for FoxSports.com. Below is his analysis of The Undertaker's streak ending:

In my opinion the Undertaker will always be the conscience of WWE and with The Streak ending, it will fuel speculation that Taker's storied Hall of Fame career may be at its end.

I assume the decision to end the Undertaker's 21-0 winning streak is based on two factors:

One, the physical status of the 49-year-old rugged veteran, who has been surgically put back together on multiple occasions and may be in more physical jeopardy than we know. Not even Dr. Frankenstein could reassemble The Deadman.

Secondly, it seems as if WWE is recommitting its marketing machine to better monetize the potential of the amazingly gifted Lesnar, who has never gotten on a roll since returning to WWE after being forced to retire due to issues with diverticulitis.

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WWE Network Original Programming

WWE posted trailers for several new programs premiering on WWE Network. You can watch them below:

Don't Miss WWE Countdown: Infamous Gimmicks - Tue. Apr. 8, 2014

Beyond The Ring-The John Cena Experience: Tue. Apr.12

Legends House Season Premiere-Thur. Apr. 17th

  • Rambo Commander

    This is pure BS even from our most respected JR, right? Don’t try to justify each and every thing. You made a mistake, WWE – accept it. There were other ways of making money on Lesnar – you made him lose to cena and HHH; you could have reversed those decisions instead of making this foolish mistake. And if Taker’s body is so banged up, he can just stop performing and retire. He need not lose his last match that too at Wrestlemania.

    • Adam

      Taker has said in an interview he wanted the streak over before he retired. Would you say no to him?

      • Snap

        Care to provide a link so I can check it out? I’m interested in seeing Taker’s thoughts in his own words.

  • JR is towing the line of a company for which he no longer works. That’s all that is – given how little sense the second part of his response makes.

  • Ty

    Holy crap, why don’t people realize that the Undertaker never wanted to be undefeated at WM??? IF it is indeed his last match, Taker is old school and has the mentality that nobody wins their retirement match. He knows that the business is bigger than him.

    • Nick K

      Exactly, the reaction by a lot of people has been extremely poor. We created the idea that a young up and comer should end it but at the end of the day he’s went his way and that should be respected.

  • Bob’s Diner

    John Cena is getting his own show on the network??? ZOMG! Sign me up now!