JR Says Michael Cole Is The New Voice Of WWE, Gives High Praise To Paul Heyman & Bobby Heenan, Discusses Over The Edge '99, More

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-I've been impressed with Michael Cole's more balanced commentary recently. He's the new voice of WWE w/o question. Our handshake at WM28 ended any personal issues that I may have had with him. End of story.

-Besides the King, my favorite broadcast partner, when looking at antagonists, is @HeymanHustle. He knew what buttons to push to get me to raise my game. I never played the role of an announcer and was always just myself, for better or for worse. Being real.

-Bobby Heenan was an amazing partner too but 'The Brain' was more funny than a villain. I've said it before, Bobby Heenan may well be the most talented, all around performer in the history of the wrestling business.

-Has anyone noticed that THOSE who tweet me about "How did you feel at Over the Edge in 1999?" get no response? I've tried to block that event out of my mind but I'm reminded of it daily. Someday I will watch the tragedy involving Owen Hart but ONLY if I decide to write about it. If I never write an autobiography of my career, then I will never watch the event. NEVER.

Click here to read JR’s latest in its entirety.

  • Matt

    It's like people expect him to answer and say something horrible about Over the Edge. I hope he never talks about it. Owen needs to be remembered for the good person he was, not the tragedy that took him away.

  • Robert olley

    I still say to this day vince should have informed the viewers out of respect not put all that pressure on jr

  • matt

    JR is a class act, he will always be the greatest commentator of all time but to Vince McMahon he's nothing but a pawn

  • Ricky Valdez

    Oh the ppv were they had Owen killed, the ppv was called over the edge, Bret spit on Vince’s face knocked him out and this was Vince’s way to get back at Bret, hence the ppv was called over the edge, and Owen went over the edge, he was intentionally killed that night.

    • PhilT81

      What a stupid accusation – I hope you get sued for your libellous remark. Go and troll somewhere else.

    • redsfan4life

      wtf Vince might not be the best man to work for but why would he have one of his workers,friends and may I say extended family murdered

    • unknown

      there are too many words to describe how big of an idiot you are

    • Brandon

      So hope this is your idea of a stupid joke.

    • Brody

      You’re an idiot.

    • Alyssa

      ..I can barely find the will to respond to that, Im so disgusted. You must be really far gone to think that anyone “Planned” Owen’s death. It was a horrible accident that should have never occured and is not something to joke about in such a matter.

  • robert

    jr is the greatest ever, um he was the main reason for the so called attitude era he was vp talent during that time, he prob most instrumental person for the wrestling boom in late 90's to 2007 look it up he signed every superstar in the whole era, not only that called the action like no other,